About Yours Truly

Hi, I’m Heidi!  Come be inspired by craft and sewing projects and learn about the handmade business.  I want to motivate women to take charge of their own creativity and gain the confidence to sew an amazing project,  {{like a puff quilt!}} 

Here are the facts:

I’m pretty sure I was born with a scissors in one hand and glue in the other.
I’m a momma to those two handsome boys you see in the picture.
It makes me tired.
But I love it.
 After one and half years of running my Etsy shop Honeybear Lane, I closed it down.  {{But I still take limited custom orders–see the “Puffed” link on the menu bar!}}
I need more time to be a momma.  And maybe fold some of the laundry that is piling up.
Who are we kidding…the laundry is still going to pile up.

What is Honeybear Lane (the shop)? 
I sold stuff like this:

But even though my shop is closed, I’m going to make more stuff, show you how, teach you what I’ve learned, and do lots of other fun things.  

And I started a new blog called The Mom Uniform.
It’s about my journey to discover my own style in the world of mommyhood.
Here’s the site:  www.themomuniform.blogspot.com.
Please visit me there too!  

You’re awesome.
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  1. Ashley @ Little Miss Momma says:

    I think you are GREAT!
    And your shop is so so so beautiful! You've got some crazy sewing skillz girl!

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