Me and My Weight

Here’s some background on me and weight loss.  First off, I was born to a skinny little family with skinny genes (not to be confused with skinny jeans) so I was a skinny, shapeless girl until I was about 23.  Then I seemed have hit adult puberty and suddenly got some curves. Then came Baby #1.  And the harsh reality of Post-Baby Body.  I had like 15 pounds to lose, so I began my quest to lose the weight.

First thing I tried:  Treadmill a few times a week.  Clearly, that (combined with continuing to eat lots of cookies) did not work.

Second thing:  P90X.  I know you know what this is, and if you don’t, you have been living under a rock.  For you rock-dwellers, it’s an intense 90-day video workout.  I did it for about 30 days, but got burned out because I felt like it was a poor way to use energy.  This sounds dumb, but in reality, I just don’t think you should have to kill yourself doing 100 pushups when you can get the same results by doing bench press.  But there were a few videos that I loved and kept doing, and still do pretty regularly.  One of them is yoga.  It is the most challenging yoga video I’ve ever done!

Third thing:  Joined a gym.  I thought it would be fun and I had a friend who I started going with.  But here’s the thing about gyms…they are so unstructured and random (unless you pay the big bucks for a regular personal trainer.)  Yeah you can feel like you get a great workout, but I ultimately didn’t know how to track my progress or stay consistent with working certain muscle groups.  And I HATED dragging myself to the gym every night because it was the only time I could go.

Fourth thing:  After a lot of research and discussion, we finally decided to invest in a Bowflex system.  These are fairly pricey, but we felt good about the decision because it was something we could use for the rest of our lives.  And it won.  It beat out everything else, hands down.  Why?
1.  SO easy to use.  Women can easily weight-train, which is essential for weight loss.
2.  Very quick.  Workouts take like a half hour.
3.  Great results!  I lost my remaining baby weight in 6 weeks and my husband actually lost 30 pounds in that same time! 
4.  Love that it’s at home.  I can do a quick workout while my baby naps. 
5. Very quick and easy set up and take down.
6. Doesn’t take up a ton of room (when folded up)

Anyway, Now that we’ve got the Bowflex, I know I’ll be able to lose weight whenever I want the rest of my life.  That’s such a great feeling.  If you are tiring of having no success and can afford a Bowflex, I really recommend it!

(PS. I’m not getting paid or anything to say this…I genuinely love the Bowflex!)


  1. I think the bowflex may be the only infomercial gadget/workout I do not have…and that is scary! I have been on the lookout for one…they seriously get them at our local junkyard's "store" all the time for like $100.00. We need a piece of equipment…the treadmill stinks! Great recommendation from someoen who is not getting paid to say it!

    Saw your blog at U Create and came by to say Hi! I am a new follower.
    504 Main

  2. The Girl Creative says:

    Found you over at U Create. Congrats on the feature. 🙂 Definitely going to add you to my blog list. My husband did (does) P90X and he has the Bowflex too. Loves the combination of the 2. Congrats on your weight loss. 🙂 xoxo

  3. What Bowflex do you have?? I'm about to have a baby and am looking forward to starting an exercise routine. It would be nice to avoid going to the gym!!

  4. Heidi Ferguson says:

    Paula, we have the Bowflex Ultimate 2 gym. We liked it because it folds up and space is really premium in our place. It's still pretty big but considering everything you can do with it, it's worth it. I am going to write more about my actual exercise plan this week!

  5. *big frown* I've actually gained weight since I had my second baby. Hurray that you lost yours, though! *cheers* We did just get the Wii Fit Plus, though, and I've been doing step aerobics on it a little each evening. Wish me luck!

  6. Patty Wright says:

    hey there! I was in the same situation you are right now. I used to be a skinny girl until I had my first baby. Believe or not, I gained 30 lbs with the pregnancy. I was hopeless and depressed thinking this was supposed to happen to everyone mother and didn't have any clue on how to loose all that baby weight…until… I read this girl's story 🙁
    I couldn't believe that I didn't need to spend a single buck on a weight loss program!! All I needed to do was to reduce my daily calories amount to exactly 1200. I then decided to do it and in about 6 months I had lost all the 30 lbs! Yes, amazing! I lost weight eating everything I wanted, including ice cream!
    You should definately try this diet! Just count your calories!!! 🙂 Good luck! 🙂 You will loose about 2lbs a week!

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