If You Get Eaten By a T-Rex, I Will Miss You

There are many kinds of love.

Some love dies away slowly and some is eternal.

There is the undying love that a mother has for her children.  The kind that makes you want to squeeze your little ones tight and never let them go and kiss them a hundred times over.

There is the love that a man has for TV.

There is the love that a woman has for chocolate.

There is the love for nature, for the beach or the mountains…the feeling that the earth can bring you of being one with yourself.

There is the love that one has for their passion, the thing that drives them…whether it is their career or creativity.

There’s the love that you have for your family and friends…the kind that is always there, steady and even…even during those times when you might not like them so much. 🙂

There is the kind of love that you have when you are 16, when you think you are in love…the kind where you love to say “I love you” just because it’s new and fun and you hold hands even when you are driving and he is in the back seat.  

There’s the kind of love that you have when you truly fall for the first time, even against your better judgement and you are deliriously happy until one heartbreaking day when it’s all over and gone, as quickly as it came.

There’s the kind of love that you are unsure of, that you don’t know whether or not it’s real and you never really got to find out if it was.

There’s the love that grows over time with friendship, you spend so much time together and one day you realize you can’t live without him.

There’s the love that comes out of nowhere, when you realize you’ve met The One who will make you feel loved, special, and safe for the rest of your life.  The one who sees into your heart and knows you are so much more than a pretty face.

And there’s the love that accepts you at all times, even when you are wearing sweaty pjs with holes and food on them, bed hair and glasses.  And even when you fart.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




  1. Great post Heidi 🙂

  2. Paula Chaffin says:

    You put into words how I feel!! I LOVE this post!! Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

  3. Love this post! I love the positivity you always shine with in your posts! Makes my day brighter 🙂


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