Six Fun Activities for Your Kids This Summer

As your little kids start to get older, you start to hear, “Mom–I’m bored!!” more and more.  Or in my case, it’s, “Mom–I wanna watch a movie!!”  We have been watching more movies ever since Miss E was born, more as a survival tactic than anything.  But I am counting down the days when we can move out of this stifling apartment into the fresh air of a new and bigger place with a yard.  And here are some of the things we’re gonna do…

Here’s an easy recipe for Sidewalk Paint! Instructions at Domestic Charm

This would be a good preschool activity too. Mess-less fingerpainting! Full details at The Hippie Housewife

I really want to make this sprinkler out of PVC pipe! Looks like 30 minutes of work for countless hours of fun. How-to at

This is just so fun and awesome. And what a fun activity for those summer nights? Especially if you don’t have lightning bugs. Cut open a glow stick and pour it into a jar.  Add diamond  glitter, then shake with the lid on!   Source

This would make a great family reunion game!! Take a Guess Who? game and replace all the pictures with pictures from your own family! Source

I thought this was a cool little education boredom buster. Put all these different density-liquids in a jar and then let them settle. Then label them. Then you can have your kids shake it up and watch it settle. Cool!  Full instructions at Steve Spangler Science.


  1. Activities for the KIDS? My teens would just laugh at the suggestion…. but ME? Try and stop me. 🙂

  2. The sidewalk paint is a great idea for kids like mine, who are sick of their endless supply of chalk.

    Those ‘family’ members on the Guess Who game are presidents, which is a pretty good idea itself!

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