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    • I used to make my green smoothies with orange juice because they didn’t taste different at all. But to decrease the sugar, I just use spinach and water and I don’t notice much difference. Go for it!

  1. I got a recipe for a green smoothe off of pinterist and I was surprised that I liked it so much! My son (who hates to eat veggies) even drank it! I’ll have to start that up again! Thanks for sharing

    • I for sure want to do it every morning. I think it’s a great way to help with weight loss!

  2. As long as he gets to hit the on button on the blender Charlie will drink green smoothies all day. I’ve never tried Truvia though, just honey which to be honest isn’t that great. So I will try that. I also cut up the banana and freeze it for a while (as you suggested in another smoothie recipe) to cut the banana flavor. That is an awesome trick. Now I’m off to buy some Truvia!

    • That’s awesome. Also awesome that you freeze your bananas–I haven’t done that in a long time, haha!

  3. Just now reading this post….my two-year-old loves his smoothies! I started putting spinach in them a few months ago…I added it to the blender right in front of him. He gave me a weird look, but still drank it and thought it was good (as did I..haha!). Smoothies are a good way to get him to eat berries too….he likes the taste of them, but it must be a texture thing with him because he still won’t eat them unless they’re blended into a smoothie. I also put in wheat germ too…he calls it “cinnamon!” Even though I put cinnamon in his oatmeal and he knows it’s a different thing. Our smoothie recipe is half-thawed frozen fruit (that way you don’t have to add ice), a little OJ, vanilla yogurt, wheat germ, and spinach. I’m sure mine isn’t “0 points” but it still makes a healthy snack to hold him over till dinner time. :o)

  4. Hello, I am on weight watchers and I had this smoothie this morning. When I entered it into the recipe builder it said it was 6 points plus, not zero. It doesn’t make any sense though because each ingredient is zero points. Do you know why it would say that?

    • I don’t know–WW sometimes is weird with certain forms of the food like if the fruit is frozen then maybe it’s more points? Either way it’s still very healthy and I would count it as either 0 up to 4 depending on what I put in it.

  5. Our leader said if it was blended it was no longer zero points. I don’t know why though because you still have the fiber.

  6. I made your smoothing this morning and it came out to 24oz. How much shud I drink in the morning or can I drink it throughout the day?

    • Either, really. It’s a healthy drink so you can’t go wrong. But it tends to not look quite as appealing the longer it stands so I would probably drink it all in the morning.

  7. Hi! Stopping by from Think Tank Thursday! I love Green Smoothies! This one sounds so yummy! I really need to get back on this one. It is so awesome to start your day with veggies already under your belt. I get a little crazy with all the different stuff I put in mine.
    Thanks for the post!


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