SWEET Giveaway (Hershey Kisses!)

Who doesn’t love Hershey Kisses?  They are such a classic chocolate treat.

Anatomy of a Hershey's KISSES Chocolate

I have so many warm fuzzy memories of Hershey kisses (most of them involving me drowning my sorrows and eating a whole bag by myself–no shame!)  I remember the first Valentine’s Day I had with Hershey Kisses.  It was in 5th or 6th grade and my creative friends had, unbeknownst to me, graduated from store-bought cards.  They had Hershey Kisses, wrapped in pink and red plastic wrap, two together back to back to form a lovely candy rose.  Then they attached it to a wire and wrapped floral tape around the “stem.”  They gave them to all of us friends and I felt 1) very privileged to receive one of these most coveted roses, and 2) stupid that I hadn’t thought to do it.

What I DID do for my Valentines was cut out my own hearts and shapes out of construction paper and glue them together.  I spent hours making these Valentines for each member of my class.  This is what I do–this is WHO I AM.  I am a creator.  And yet back then, when kids in elementary were so cruel, handmade cards were NOT cool.  So I showed up on the day of the Valentines Day class party where everyone delivered their store-bought + candy Valentines in their what was actually kind of a heartless way, and I froze.  All of a sudden I had the dawning realization that my handmade Valentines were super-ultra-LAME.  They didn’t have candy attached, they were worthless.  They didn’t even SAY anything cute.  They were just hearts and paper.  I didn’t sign my name to them and quickly and silently delivered them in a secret ninja way so no one would ever realize that these Very Truly UNCOOL Valentines were made by Heidi, that self-conscious nerdy girl with the giant red framed glasses and the poodle perm.  And I was smart to do that, since immediately upon discovering my Valentine in his sack, one of the popular guys said in his most mocking voice, “WHO made THIS{scoff!}

That would have been a good day to have a bag of Hershey Kisses to drown my sorrows in.  Valentines can be wonderful, magical, romantic, and fun.  But it can also SUCK.  Either way, Hershey Kisses won’t let you down.

What is YOUR sweetest memory of Hershey Kisses?

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  1. Mary Happymommy says:

    I remember having my daughter try Hershey’s kisses for the first time and how much she loved them.

  2. my husband giving me some hershey kisses after a stressful day of work

  3. I absolutely love Hershey Kisses! I love giving them out for Valentine’s Day! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  4. Getting a box cookies with hersey’s kisses on top.


  6. One year for Christmas I painted a Santa Claus candy dish for sweet husband. In the bottom of the dish I painted the words “hugs & kisses” and filled it with what else but Hersey Kisses and Hugs candy. He loved the dish and shared the hugs and kisses with me. Now it has become a Christmas tradition as I filled that candy dish again with hugs and kisses.

    Thanks for the great giveaway and I know just what to do with the kisses!

  7. I love Kisses!!!!

  8. Caroline Griffith says:

    We used them in our wedding candy buffet to incorporate some chocolate–they were perfect! (and snatched up very quickly!)

  9. Kisses were a sweet treat from the grandparents when we were little. Mmmmm….

  10. Love kisses!!!!

  11. My husband gave me a bouquet of Hershey Kiss roses on our first Valentine’s Day together. So cute — the “vase” was made of Hershey bars. 🙂

  12. Anne Marie says:

    My sweetest memories are eating them!!

  13. My sweetest memory is trading real kisses (and hugs) for the chocolate kind with my hubby and kids.

  14. I love kisses.

  15. I grew up with a brother and sisters who were all lactose intolerant and a cousin who didn’t really like chocolate (much to the dismay of her chocoholic mother!), so when I went up to my grandparents’ house, my grandpa would always have Hershey’s Hugs or Kisses in the fridge for me. I’d ask him if I could have some and he’d have me bring them in to his tv room. I’d sit on his lap (until I was too big to fit anymore!) and we’d sit there and polish off that bag while we talked. He was such a sweet man and I loved having that time for just him and me every few weeks. Now every time I eat a Hug or Kiss, I think of my grandpa!

  16. domestic diva says:

    My grandpa used to always have a bowl of kisses sitting out for us.

  17. I loved making peanut butter cookies with the hershey kisses in the middle.

  18. Ha! Mean kids suck! It’s so ironic that a heartfelt valentine isn’t as popular as some store bought one on Valentine’s day, isn’t it? I think it’s sweet that you made them for your class…even if it wasn’t appreciated. My sweetest Hershey’s Kiss memory: using them to potty train my son!

  19. Barbara MacAskill says:

    Kids are so cruel! IT seems that they are even worse now in this techno age! Bet they are all hanging their heads now sinc you are a SUCCESS! I have so many memories with Heshey’s kisses that I couldn’t begin to list my favorite. They are all my favorite because I had Hershey’s kisses with me!

  20. bluejeancowgirl says:

    I love kisses.. Always seal it with a kiss!

  21. My mom and I made a Christmas tree out of them glues on a stryofoam cone one year for an elementary school teacher for Christmas. I had so much fun doing it and was so proud to give it to her!

  22. I always loved getting them on valentines in school!

  23. My mom putting the candy canes filled with Hershey Kisses in our stockings every Christmas!

  24. I remember when I was in elementary school that I won a giant sized Hershey kiss as part of the Valentines celebration. I can remember getting home and me and my brother getting out a knife to chop off pieces to eat. Then I remember the disappointment when we found out that this giant Hershey kiss was actually hollow. This was especially troubling for my brother because there was no longer enough chocolate for me to share!!!

  25. Best candy ever!! Can’t go wrong with KISSES!

  26. Making cookies with my mom, peanut butter blossoms or something of the sort!

  27. i just know i love them and can eat a whole bag by myself

  28. Love Hershey Kisses! We made angels for Christmas this year with them. They were a big hit! My daughters like to make little mice too. We have fun and make memories creating little Hershey kiss creatures!

  29. I love Hershey’s Kisses and always make my kids peanut butter blossom cookies with them. YUM!

  30. dressing up as a Hersey Kiss

  31. My kids made the roses for me one year. It was so sweet.

  32. My sweetest memory of Hershey’s Kisses was visiting Hershey in Pennsylvania! You could smell the chocolate as you drove up!

  33. My little brother used to give us single Hershey kisses with a huge smile on his face, confident that his was an extraordinary present–and he was right. 🙂

  34. Just today my son gave me Hershey Kisses for Valentines. You can’t beat that!!!

  35. I used the banners (plumes) to enter my little dolls in “beauty pageants”! They reminded me of the sashes that beauty queens wore. Of course I enjoyed unwrapping each kiss, carefully pulling out the banner, and enjoying the chocolate.

  36. I remember receiving one of those giant Hershey Kiss filled candy canes every year at Christmas. There is nothing better than cracking that candy cane open to dig into the chocolate, and nothing worse than realizing you have just eaten the last piece.

  37. My best memory is giving them to my kids for the first time.
    Thanks for the chance!

  38. Every Valentines Day my husband picks out the sweetest card and give me a bag of Hershey Kisses.

  39. Hershey kisses have lifelong memories attached. Love them still!

  40. Peanut butter kiss cookies!

  41. I love to make the peanut butter kiss cookies, my mom and I always used to make them together when I was a kid whenever I was sad.

  42. Any time Hershey’s Kisses are involved is a sweet memory

  43. Getting a velvet bag filled w/ Dark Chocolate Kisses attached to a Dozen roses delivered to my work. Attached was a card that read’ “Kisses from Me to You cuz I can never get enough”!! I cried right there at the front desk!!!

  44. Loved the Kisses and the “Hugs” 🙂

  45. Jennifer T. says:

    My favorite Hershey’s Kisses memories are when my mom used to put them in my lunchbox as a kid. She always seemed to know when I needed a little extra sweetness.

  46. My sweetest memory is touring the hershey factory in Hershey PA

  47. Years ago, someone anonymously left a hershey kiss on my desk. This happened every day for about a month. To this day, I don’t know who it was. It make me smile!

  48. Your description of that kid’s reaction was hilarious. I love the {scoff}

  49. When I was a kid my stepmom and I used to make cookies with Hershey’s kisses on top.

  50. getting a giant Hersheys Kiss on Valentines Day : )

  51. I loved getting Kisses on Valentine’s Day from my mom when I was younger!

  52. Making kiss cookies for the first time.

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