Twitter Parties (and the one I’m hosting for Seventh Generation)

I just want to tell you really quick about Twitter Parties.

What is a Twitter Party?  A Twitter Party is an open chat about a specific topic or brand (or both.)  You can join in the party by including the party’s hashtag.  To see only the party tweets, click on the hashtag or go to and specify the hashtag you want to follow.  This makes twitter parties manageable because otherwise you’d get lost in the shuffle!

What is a Hashtag?  In case you don’t know this, a hashtag is a word that usually becomes a link to group posts together that all have that hashtag.  They always have the pound (#) sign in front.  Examples of hashtags:  #tweetchat #valentinesday #youdonthavetoincludespaces.  People also just include them when they have a little more to say about something.  

Why Should I Attend a Twitter Party?  Twitter Parties are fun because you can win prizes and learn about something you didn’t know.  The first twitter party I ever attended on a regular basis was the #Crafterminds party (Every Monday at 4 pm EST).  I learned a ton about craft blogging and everything that entails.  I’ve attended quite a few others since then but I haven’t won anything (yet!)

Why Am I Telling You This?  Because this Wednesday (tomorrow) at 1 pm EST  I am co-hosting my first Twitter Party and I would LOVE for you to attend!  It’s for Seventh Generation Baby Fest!  As Moms, we all care about the things that go INTO our kids–their foods, drinks, and medications, etc.  But how much do we know about what goes on the OUTSIDE of our kids?  What’s in their lotions and skin care products?

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 11.57.18 AM

Tomorrow during the Twitter Party, experts from Seventh Generation will be there to answer all your questions about this subject.  Please join us in the party (Wednesday, February 13, 1 p.m. ET) following the hashtag #7GenBabyFest

What Can I Win?  Seventh Generation will give away five total prizes, each including a full set of Seventh Generation baby care products. Winners will be chosen randomly from among participants who respond correctly to trivia questions.  Yay!

See you tomorrow!



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