8 Modest Swimsuits Summer Outfits

It may be May and still a little on the chilly side for some of us mountain folks, but summer will be soon upon us and it’s already here for some you down South!  I am not the biggest fan of squeezing into a swim suit each summer but with three little kids, swimming is really one of the best activities to do frequently in the summer.

I am not a bikini wearer so this collection of swimsuits is all things that I could see myself wearing.  And believe me, I will be wearing swimsuits this summer–here in Utah and on vacation.  I think as a mom, it’s so easy to just wear the suit you’ve had for years, throw on some junky t-shirt and shorts and you’re good to go.  But you can dress up modest swimsuits and pair them with other clothes, just as you would other tops.

Summer Swimwear

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  1. I finally was able to fit back into my favorite suit that I bought 5 or more years ago from Eddie Bauer. It has a square neckline that comes up to just below my collar bone, shelf (molded) bra inside slim but substantial tank like straps and the same square back only lower and a skirted pantie tankini. It is made out of some kind of ribbed stretchy fabric that makes a smooth silhouette. I wore it to our season kick off and got SO MANY compliments on it. It still looks new after many wearings and many years. I just wish I could have another one just like it, it is modest but not you grannies suit. It is comfortable with no tugging or adjusting needed, nothing fussy to deter from the perfect simpleness of the suit…….I just love it.

  2. Love this collection, Heidi! I’m a big believer in modesty, especially that it can be done in a fun and cute way. Gotta set that example for our little ones while they’re young. 🙂


  3. I LOVE all of thse swimsuits! That yellow one is gorgeous (but not sure it would work with my pale skin)! I do love the the teal one as well! Thanks for sharing these!

  4. These are some great ideas to turn a swimsuit into an outfit. A lot of times I find myself just throwing something on until I get to the pool, but these are some awesome tips to look good all day!

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