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  1. Good for you for even blogging when you felt like there was nothing to blog about. It stinks being in blah/limbo mode but it’s nice to see the human side of people in a non-human world – the world wide web. Good luck to you guys and hopefully things move forward quickly for you. And my husband is exactly the same but I say stick to your guns and make the decision for both of you! Besides, yours is the one that really counts right?

  2. Sounds stressful & exciting! Good choice with the laminate. We’ve had both, and laminate wins hands down with kiddos. 😉 Good luck with everything!

    • I have to say, it does make it easier to have a limited number of choices…but it’s still exciting! Thanks!

  3. Oh girl. And I thought it was stressful just buying a house. I am sorry. FYI, I have a friend whose house was 4 months late being finished. Make sure there is some kind of clause in the contract where they have to take a certain amount of money off of the price of the house for every week or months that they are late, because you will still have rent to pay if they are late!

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