Father’s Day Basket Giveaway

Father’s Day is less than a week away and I always have a hard time thinking of things for my dad and husband.  I recently saw a Jimmy Fallon where he mentioned how Mother’s Day is when everyone spends hundreds of dollars on their moms and Father’s Day is 10 minutes looking in the junk drawer for a gift.  That’s kinda true, though right?

Fathers do so much and work so hard, they deserve to have an awesome gift.  And the truth is that the media doesn’t portray most fathers as caring and emotional fathers who share a real bond with their children.  Dove Men+Care conducted new research about Dads and Dads in the media and the results were pretty sad.  In fact, only 13% of dads believe the media portrays fathers as responsible for taking care of their children.  And 3 out of 5 dads say the media portrays them negatively.*  I can think of a bunch of shows where that is true.  And it’s sad because it doesn’t respect fathers the way they deserve, and it doesn’t encourage new fathers who might be looking for a role model.   Nearly all dads say they are involved in their children’s life and 7 in 10 see themselves as highly involved.  94% of fathers prioritize their families over their careers.  The new Dove Men+Care ‘Calls For Dad’ film celebrates all the ways fathers care for their children.  Go watch it!


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My husband (the father of my children) is very involved in my kids’ lives.  He has a busy schedule at work, but he is always there at night to play with them and tuck them into bed.  He has a soft spot for our daughter, who is pretty hilarious with him.  Just today, he fell asleep on the couch and Ellie said, “Daddy asleep?  Let’s take a picture!”  And every time he gets out of the shower, she runs in the bathroom and yells “EWWWW!!!”   

One thing I like to give my husband is skin care products, because he has sensitive skin.  But we generally just buy cheap products so getting nice skin care products is a special treat.  Especially when it’s geared towards men.  Dove Men+Care is committed to portraying how real men and dads care. They have some amazing skin care products that are especially for men’s skin and are proven to be better for retaining moisture than other men’s skin care products.  They have everything from face lotion to deodorants, to shampoo and conditioners, soaps and body washes.  

So shh!  don’t tell my husband, but this year I’m excited to give him this Dove Men+Care gift basket full of these awesome skin care items:

dove giveaway basket

Do you want to give a Father in your life a gift basket with all of these items? We are giving away one today! Just enter the Rafflecopter below.  And share your family’s #RealDadMoments with @DoveMenCare (Follow @Dove Men+Care on Twitter and Instagram) and Dove Men+Care on Facebook 

 This post is sponsored by Dove Men+Care, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Michele Timms says:

    My husdand always buys specialty shampoos, but I don’t think he has paid alot of attention to skincare products and I think that he would love it too!!

  2. cassidy hansen says:

    Nate deserves a special gift! He buys the cheapest stuff possible for his body, so I would love him to have this!!

  3. Sometimes my husband has to use my face soap (don’t tell!). It’d be great for him to have his own non girly stuff. 🙂

  4. Audra Bell says:

    My father loves to look good and this will be the perfect gift for him.

  5. Pasquel Terwillegar says:

    Thanks for thinking of the men!!! Love this!

  6. My dad would love this because it is sooo much better than what he normally gets…whatever I can scramble to throw together on the day before Father’s Day!

  7. My hubby would love this since he tends to take care of everyone else whilst forgetting about himself! Thanks for the chance & happy Father’s Day to you! 😀

  8. Lyndsay K says:


  9. My dad would have loved this because he did care about being clean & taking care of himself.
    I love this giveaway!! Hooray for all the great dads out there & my dad was one of them!!!!

  10. Deb Jackson says:

    Dad would love this since Dove is gentle.

  11. Wannabeeaquilter says:

    This is the perfect father’s day gift. Hope I get to give to my husband.

  12. Dad’s do get the short end. This would be a wonderful surprise.

  13. Stephanie says:

    My husband deserves some pampering!

  14. Tabitha Keener says:

    My step dad would love these products! I don’t think he has tried them before, but he is picky on hair care! Thanks for a chance to win something that will pamper him for a change!


  15. Tabitha Keener says:

    I commented but I’m reposting to make sure it went through. My step-dad is pretty much my surrogate dad and he would love the basket! He’s very manly but he doesn’t care if he’s made fun of for skin care! I think that’s the mark of a real man! Thanks for the giveaway!


  16. Amy Knowles says:

    My hubby needs this because he always gets the cheap stuff and hardly spends money on himself 🙂

  17. I bought my husband a huge amount of Dove’s men’s products several monhs ago when they were on mega-sale, and now, this is what he prefers! Great gift idea!

  18. Nicole-Lynn says:

    My husband would love this because he never buys anything like this for himself! It’d be a nice treat for him!


  19. June Lisle says:

    Most of the men I know would love this gift because it’s usable. I also follow dove on instagram as http://instagram.com/battle_cry

  20. He hasn’t tried this particular product but he loves Dove and the fresh scent so I think he would naturally like this as wekk

  21. Andrea Rust says:

    My husband, and the father of my son, would love this because he loves it when I think he smells nice.

  22. Nicole Millheim says:

    He would feel spoiled. He does love Dove men care

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