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  1. Thanks for the updated post! I had only stumbled across it when I went to follow you on instagram! We’re going to start building a table soon. I was wondering if you considered just oiling the table? would that seal the table? I can’t wait to start making some pieces like I want rather than compromising on the style that shops sell. Thanks for your great blog – all the way from New Zealand!

    • You could technically seal the table with oil but it does not offer any kind of protection and kitchen tables need the most protection. Trust me, unless you want your table very beaten up quickly, please seal it with polyurethane or polycrylic!

  2. Heidi, thank you for the updated post. After shopping around for months, it was your original post that inspired my husband and I to build our own dining room table. I was obsessed with your table but after seeing that you were having issues with the finish on the top we decided to do a light stain (weathered oak) and then a polyurethane finish. We found one by Benjamin Moore that is clear and has more of a matte finish which we love. Your update gives me more confidence that we did the right thing with our newly completed table. Thank you again!

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