In the last couple of years I’ve kind of become obsessed with trays.  Trays are the best accessories ever for the following reasons:

I have trays on nightstands, coffee table, that catch-all spot by the garage door, in the living room, basically everywhere.  Each tray holds certain items that serve different purposes.  Usually my trays have functional and decorative items.  

I recently put together a new tray for my kitchen.  Here I’m using as something to hold some cookbooks and decor, but I’m thinking of all the possibilities:  to corral fruit that usually sits on the counter, to hold cooking utensils, herbs, whatever else.  Plus the type of tray I purchased has handles so it could totally work for a breakfast in bed tray!

To put together a beautiful tray, you need to consider a few things.  In order to create a visual triangle, you need something tall, something medium, and something short.  In this tray, I used a couple stems of these coral flowers in milk glasses for my height.  Then I added my cookbooks to ground the entire tray topped with the YUM sign (books are a great way to add a little height to things.)  Finally my short items are a little faux succulent in this gold vase and my beads which visually lead the eye around the base of the tray.  

I made my beads myself using these 1″ wood beads from Hobby Lobby.  If you want to do this project, make sure that your beads have holes that go all the way through the bead because I didn’t discover until I was home and they were opened that they didn’t. So I got out my trusty drill and drilled out the rest of the hole.  

Then I simply strung them through some baker’s twine and tied it off at the end.  Easy peasy.  

You can find all the items (minus the cookbooks) on my tray, including the tray itself, at Hobby Lobby.  Hobby Lobby seriously is my go-to for finishing touches and accessories for a space.  They have really cute stuff that is so affordable and there’s something for every style.  (Plus they always have a 40% off coupon every week!)


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Lovely comments

  1. I love trays too, and .use them all over my house. I do not have one with cookbooks, so I am excited to create another one.. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve been seriously considering a tray for my bathroom counter. I use a water pic and my husband and I both use electric toothbrushes so I was thinking that a tray would make moving them to wipe down the counter a lot easier.

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