3 Year Blogiversary–Cricut Mini Giveaway!!

Well my lovely readers, it's my blog's birthday!  Three years since I pulled up Blogger and started a tiny little nothing of a blog that I named after my Etsy shop, Honeybear Lane.  And three years later...wow.  I can't believe all that we've been through (sniff!)  If you want to read a little about that, check out my Blog Story Part 1 and My Blog Story Part 2. To celebrate, I want to do something for the people who make everything … [Read more...]

A Bit About Contracts and Copyright

I sat in on the Legal Matters class at SNAP! taught by Danielle Liss, a lawyer who specializes in social media and contract law.  I learned so much great info that I really want to recap that class. This post might be so incredibly boring for most of you. But to those of you who are bloggers, I think it's really important information that you should be incorporating into your job.  I'll try to make it super straight forward and as interesting … [Read more...]

Forum Friday: Where would you be if you’d taken another path?

I recently found out that a REALLY popular blog is written by a girl I used to work with.  We shared the same cube.  (She was a terrible conversationalist, by the way.  Always talked right through my comments.)  Anyway--I have to admit...I was shaken up, even a bit jealous.  I kept thinking how much work I put into my blog...why couldn't I be a smash success too?  Then I thought about all the things I wish I did have...better photographs, better … [Read more...]

How to Make a Watermark in Photoshop

How to Create a Watermark in Photoshop If you are a blogger, you really need to watermark your photos!  Especially with Pinterest these days, you need to claim ownership of your photos where all can see.  And you need to watermark ALL photos that are yours on your blog because you never know which picture will be pinned.  It's crappy when you put lots of work and effort into a project/post and someone rips off your photo.  But how can you … [Read more...]

Silhouette Cameo discount and Fabric Ink Start Kit!

Just had to pop in real quick to share with you this awesome deal!!  If you didn't get a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas you can get one now for $299 PLUS a Fabric Ink Starter kit (value of $39)!!   Silhouette America has a limited number of Cameos available for this promotion.  The promotional period runs from now through January 5, 2012.   What is on sale? A Silhouette CAMEO and a Fabric Ink Starter Kit for $299. You will need to add … [Read more...]

It’s HERE: Black Friday Silhouette and CAMEO deal!!

I have a Silhouette.  And I love it.  It's a genius machine! But I SO want this... The Brand new Silhouette Cameo!!  Don't you?? Even the Silhouette Vinyl Starter Kit would be a great gift! And November 25th through 28th, they are having a killer Black Friday deal!!  Check it out... Black Friday Sale Gear up for the best Black Friday sale this year - Friday, Nov. 25 through Monday, Nov. 28, save 30% on everything* … [Read more...]

Help Me Reach 2000! (and other items of business)

My blogging journey is still young, even though it feels like it's been a long time.  I feel like I've worked really hard in the last year or so to write interesting blog posts, fun tutorials, cool giveaways, and what have you.  One of my biggest goals for this blog is to create a feeling of a community where we crafty ladies can inspire each other not only in our creative realm but in other areas of our lives, namely motherhood.  I love my … [Read more...]

Roadkill Rescue!!

Are you a curb scourer? Do you love the transformation process? Do you get a thrill out of turning junk into beautiful and usable décor? Well then you will LOVE… Beckie from Infarrantly Creative and Knock Off Décor just launched a third site dedicated to showcasing your trash to treasure type projects! Beckie is most known for her amazing Roadkill Rescue projects. Her latest was this curbed door that she found and turned it into a … [Read more...]