One Small Change Challenge! #onesmallchange

Good morning! Last week I was listening to the radio (wow--do people still listen to the radio?  I do!) and I heard them say there's a new study that says people will lose more weight making one small change to their lifestyle than doing a strict regimen.  I have no idea if that is really true, but I think over the long term, it probably is.  It's very hard to keep up a strict healthy lifestyle, and more often than not, people will go off the … [Read more...]

I Ran a Half Marathon!

So I did it...I ran a half marathon.  And just four months ago I couldn't even run a mile.  And I did 13.1.  I wish I felt a little more impressed with myself, but I guess I'm just that person who can never be satisfied.  But it's what keeps me going, keeps me motivated to do better and try harder.  And this is possibly the most unflattering picture of me ever...enjoy! So here's the play-by-play.  I woke up at about 6 am and got … [Read more...]

Running Basics: What I Do When I Run

If you've been following along on Facebook, you know that I hit a new milestone yesterday...10 miles!  I ran 10 miles yesterday in 1 hr 50 minutes.  That's not super fast, but it averages about 11 min pace.  I definitely got slower as the miles went by.  But just thinking about two months ago, I hadn't even run my first 5k yet.  Many of you were asking how I accomplished this kind of progress.  I am FAR from an expert, but here's my story: How … [Read more...]

Running a 5k in One Month

Last Saturday I ran my very first 5k.  Seems kind of crazy that I'm 29 and just now running my first 5k.  The truth is, it never occurred to me to even do one until now.  A 5k is 3.1 miles.  It's not really that bad.  But I wanted to run the whole thing straight through and running 3 miles straight was something I have never done.  I just started running one month ago. The Thursday before I wanted to kind of preview what the 5k would be … [Read more...]

Training for a Half Marathon.

Yesterday I was determined to actually write a worth-while post.  It was great--full of handy tips and tricks for travelling with young kids.  And then it got erased.  Completely.  Gone.  I don't have the energy to re-write it at this time so I think you'll have to google that topic until I do.  Instead I'm going to write about some things that have been going on lately. It's been crazy.  My husband had the entire month of July off so we did … [Read more...]

Getting in Shape with pv Body

I haven't written a weigh-in post in months!  Probably because it's been insanely busy with the holidays and birthdays coming and going.  Or maybe I'm using that as an excuse for the fact that getting in shape has been definitely put on the back burner and trying to stick to a diet is virtually impossible during the holidays.  My goal was to hit my pre-pregnancy weight by my baby's first birthday.  Well it's kinda sucky that my baby turned one … [Read more...]

Weigh-In Wednesday: Running like Kermit

Have you seen that episode of Friends where Phoebe goes running with Rachel and she runs like Kermit the Frog?  She says she runs like that because it's like when she was a kid and it makes it fun.  That episode makes so much sense to me. I've never really enjoyed running.  No wait, let me correct that--I've never enjoyed running for long periods of time.  I'm not one to go running for miles and miles for an hour straight.  First off I'm … [Read more...]

Weigh-In Wednesday #2

Oof--I had a bad week when it comes down to eating.  Here's the thing...the second I find out I'm pregnant, all my resolves to diet and exercise go VAMOOSH!  I do not know what it is, maybe it's just a basic survival instinct.  Basically I lose all self control and eat whatever the heck I want.   To be fair, I try to exercise but I'm usually just too tired to do it. So once I have the baby, it takes a long time for me to re-train my brain and … [Read more...]