Make a Quilted Camera Strap Cover!

I know--there are a billion camera strap tutorials out there. But I was getting ready for SNAP! conference today and I realized, "Hey--I'm gonna look super lame without a handmade camera strap on my camera!" So I quickly referenced a few different tutorials to get a basic idea and came up with this quilted one. Now I'm not gonna lie here...the lens cap pocket doesn't fit my lens cap. But that was a learning curve of quilting the cover. But one … [Read more...]

Pinwheel Quilt and Pebbles Free Motion Quilting

Enter the Whimsy Couture Pattern Giveaway Here!! ********** I finished my quilt!!  I'm so excited to show you because I'm THRILLED with how it turned out. Here is the finished result: My favorite part is the way I quilted it.  I free-motion quilted it on my sewing machine and it only took a couple of hours.  I was Pin-spired by this Pinterest: Do you see the circles?  She calls it "Pebbles" although I feel like a more appropriate … [Read more...]

My Aqua Zig Zag Quilt!

So things have been progressing. Remember my original Living Room Plans?  I've been working on that Zig Zag Quilt. I refuse to call it a Chevron quilt. Chevron is a gas station. My quilts are zig zagged.  (Sorry Jen!) I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I quilted the zig zags straight with about three lines in a row around each seam. Then I decided to free-motion quilt the border.  I made this quilt specifically for … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Awesome Quilted Artwork

I love, love, love doing quilted artwork.  I would do it all day if I had time.  I would just sit there, piecing together small designs and then quilting it.  And thinking of new designs and new things to do.  It's just freaking fun.  And since I got my new Silhouette (did I mention that I got one?  Hooray!) I have only tried freezer paper stenciling.  It's such an easy and fun craft.  Addicting, … [Read more...]