Simple Thanksgiving Mantel

I don't think I have ever decorated for Thanksgiving.  I'm always too excited for Christmas to give Thanksgiving a proper presence in my home.  This year, I feel like I've been too busy to even get excited for Christmas yet.  I have so much going on--a wedding to plan (my sister's), a house to move into in 5 weeks, tons of blog projects, and most recently, a funeral to help plan, execute, and attend.  My husband's mother died last week after a … [Read more...]

A Snowy Day in Hell

I had the best intentions of showing you this really cute and fun Valentines craft today but instead of spending the afternoon working and photographing it, I spent the afternoon crying and rocking in the corner, clutching my knees.  Okay, not really, but that's what I felt like doing inside.  Let me share a story with you... If you live in Utah, you know that we have been absolutely DUMPED on with snow this week.  Every day snow falls, feet … [Read more...]

Giving Thanks: Pregnancy

I am 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant.  I am tired, crampy, and uncomfortable.  Every morning I wake up sad, thinking, "I'm still pregnant." But next week is Thanksgiving and it makes me consider all that I have to be thankful for. I'm thankful that I'm 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant.  It's a tremendous blessing to be able to carry a baby full term. I'm thankful that I AM pregnant.  It is very difficult and sometimes impossible for many women to get … [Read more...]

Giving Thanks: A Tribute to My Grandparents

I made rolls today.  From Grandma B's world-famous recipe. And as I made those rolls, my mind wandered to the inventor of the recipe, the great woman who has produced six wonderful people, 45 grandchildren, and over 100 great grandchildren.  The woman who was once in the Navy during WW2 where she met my darling grandfather, an Air Force man.  He swept her off her feet and they lived happily ever after. Their story has become a legacy, … [Read more...]

The Thank You Note Project

Enter Lella Boutique Pillow & Runner Giveaway Here!!!**********Hello HoneyBear Lane readers! My name is Allison and I am super pumped that Heidi has been so gracious to allow me to "have the floor" (if you will) and share the Thank You Note Project with y'all today.The Thank You Note Project is my experiment in living this year more meaningfully, more impactfully, and more appreciatively. I have set a goal for myself to send one … [Read more...]