Shannon Fabrics Quilt-Along Contest!

Are you ready for a super fun contest?  As you may know, I now have five different "puff" quilting patterns for sale and I've also been working with Shannon Fabrics this year.  They so generously donated the fabric that I used for this new Twin+ Puff Quilt Pattern! Since Shannon Fabrics has come out with a super cute line of chevron cuddle fabric this year, we are teaming up to bring you a "Chevron Christmas in July" Quilting Contest!  It's … [Read more...]

Home Ec: Trick-or-Treat Bags

Hi!My name is Rebecca and I blog over at Better Life Blog. {{You might remember me from this week's giveaway! (Don't forget, today's the last day to enter!)}}I'm so excited to be posting this tutorial over here at Honeybear Lane!This is my FIRST EVER guest post, so please come visit me and leave me some love!!I'm hoping this project will challenge you a little in your Sewing 101 class as we tackle a zippered pocket, but also be fun and … [Read more...]

Home Ec: Poppy Skirt Part 2

Here is Part 2 of our first Sew-Along for Home Ec: the Poppy Skirt. To start this project from the beginning, click HERE.  To follow the whole "Learn to Sew" series, click on the button on the sidebar.To refresh your memory, this is what we're making:  Okay let's pick up where we left off...Time to add the flower at the top of our poppy stems!  Get out your buttons...To machine-sew buttons, first you have to drop the … [Read more...]

Wecome to Home Ec (Sew-Along!)

Welcome, class!Today we are going to learn to sew.This will be our first project!A simple "Poppy" skirt!This project is perfect for beginning sewers.  A basic elastic waist skirt is very simple, but who says very simple has to be boring?  Sewing straight lines (the 'stems' of the poppies) will help you feel comfortable sewing a straight line and the repetition will help you perfect it.  And the red button poppies will teach you to … [Read more...]

You Want to Learn to Sew?

I'll have this week's giveaway up later on, but right now I want to ask you all something.I know a lot of you have recently acquired sewing machines but don't know much about sewing.  I don't profess to know everything about sewing...there are a lot of things I am terrible at!  (But then again, that goes for pretty much everything.)  Anyway, who would be interested in doing a sew-along with me?  Basically we would sew … [Read more...]

Learn to Sew

Welcome to Home Ec! Source  Yes, that's right, we are learning how to sew. Our first project is a simple elastic-waist skirt. Poppy Skirt Part 1 Poppy Skirt Part 2 Our other projects will be: Trick-or-treat Tote Bag Pleated Apron So please, join in at any time and learn to sew today! … [Read more...]