How to Make a Slipcover Part 2: Slipcover Reveal!

To read Part 1 of How to Make a Couch Slipcover click here Here it is!  What do you think? PS I am aware of the crookedness of the stuff on the wall.  We just ran out of time but we'll fix it later.  :)  I have washed it again so it's still a little wrinkled but seriously, am I going to spend hours ironing my slipcover?  No! And here it is with the quilt.  I plan on doing some more pillows and stuff but I need a little sewing break. … [Read more...]

How to Make a Couch Slipcover Part 1

  Wanna know how to make a couch slipcover? … [Read more...]

My Wing Chair Slipcover Reveal!!

Look at my Wing Chair Slipcover! I know, your jaws are just dropping, right?!!  How awesome does that look?!Okay here's the truth.  I do think it looks amazing.  Really.  I find myself admiring my work several times a day.  But this wing chair slipcover is NOT without mistakes and flaws!! I spent much longer working on it than I thought.  Let me take you through my journey... Remember how I pinned on some sheets for a … [Read more...]

Make a Slipcover in 5 Minutes!

Looking for the La Flor Fabric giveaway?  **********Remember that sad day at Goodwill when we lost my son's Froggy?  Well there was one (or seven or eight) awesome things that actually came out of that trip.  First off, I snagged this wing chair in amazing condition for $20!  It was rather spontaneous, definitely not something I was planning.  I've always wanted a more substantial chair in my living room and this fit the … [Read more...]

Day 1 of Slipcover Week: Beautiful White Inspiration

So the Challenge this week on the CSI Project was Slipcovers and Upholstery.  Wanna know something sad?  I spent the first part of this week MAKING a slipcover that turned out, um...AWESOME!!  How did I miss this?!  If I'd blogged about it on Wednesday or Thursday then I could have entered.  But here's a horrible, guilty confession:  I have seriously been slacking on reading blogs.  I am subscribed to WAAAAAYY … [Read more...]

Living Room Plans!!

I am a 100% visualizer.  I absolutely cannot do things without trying to see them first.  Yes, when I put together my quilts I have an idea in my head of what it will look like, but I usually have to put the fabrics side by side and do a lot of experimentation.However, when you are planning out your home decor, you want to make the most of your money by making projects that are beautiful and that will hopefully turn out how you want … [Read more...]