HGTV Blogger Block Party


A lot of people ask me how I pull rooms together so well (why thank you!) I am not a professional designer, although that would be awesome.  I just am constantly searching out inspiration.  Everywhere I go, online, on my phone, on TV and in magazines.  I save these images where I can to reference later or I make a mental note of them.  And one of my favorite sources for inspiration is HGTV Magazine! HGTV Magazine this year hosted the HGTV … [Read more...]

Decoupage Mini Chest of Drawers

mini chest

This post originally appeared on Tatertots and Jello on July 13, 2015. My friend Jen from Tatertots and Jello has just released the most adorable craft supplies line.  The colors are perfect and on trend, the themes and patterns are just adorable...everything is amazing. I received the box of supplies last week and as I drooled over the beautiful colors, textures, and designs, I had an idea for decorating a cute little wood box of some … [Read more...]

Pink and Gray Girl’s Bedroom

polka dot wall

We moved into a new house last December.  A brand-spankin' new house.  When we were designing the house, we picked one color (a light gray) for our entire interior.  This is mostly fine, but sometimes you feel like the rooms are a big ol' gray blob.  And it can be overwhelming to start from complete zero with a new, empty room. Check out the before and after of this room: Isn't that an awful before??  I'm embarrassed to even show you … [Read more...]

25 Trim and Molding Ideas


Several years ago I started noticing something in people's homes that always seemed to take it over the top...trim and moulding.  Trim, molding, and wall treatments were all things that seemed to be in all the old homes, the things that really gave it character.  But as more people built homes that were mass produced, the fun character accents got left behind more and more.  So I love that we are trying to bring things back that add that extra … [Read more...]

Americana DIY Abstract Art

red white and blue art

I recently became interested in abstract art.  Like the DIY kind.  I'm not a 'real artist' so as to not offend 'real artists' but anyone can create a basic piece of abstract art and get their creative juices flowing.  It's actually very relaxing to create a sea scape or other kinds of simple abstract art and these particular pieces I made are SO, so easy to do.  So get the supplies and go make your own DIY abstract art! Supplies: Gold … [Read more...]

10 Painting Hacks


This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Glad, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #pressnsealhacks I do a LOT of painting.  On any given week, I will probably have painted at LEAST once, most likely more, and sometimes I painted all week.  It depends on the project I'm doing and the status of said project.  However, along the way, I have learned a few … [Read more...]

Habitat for Humanity


There's one organization that I've always wanted to be more involved in:  Habitat for Humanity.  This is right up my alley.  I would love to roll up my sleeves and help build homes for people in need.  It would be so great to do that kind of service, using the skills I have developed over the years and also learning so much more. This year Procter & Gamble is celebrating 10 years of partnering with Habitat for Humanity on building, … [Read more...]

Metallic Gold Foil Pillows

gold vinyl foil pillows

I really wanted some more gold accents in my daughter's room, so I thought some gold foil pillows would be perfect.  And I love how they turned out, especially the little stars. My daughter's room is going to be a long road.  I can't decide what I want and even though I have visions in my head, it doesn't always end up going that direction.  I can't just throw out all her existing stuff, I have to find ways to incorporate it. I even … [Read more...]