DIY Storage Shelves


  Things have been crazy around here, especially since I have decided to declutter my house all at the same time, so everything is just OUT all over the place and in the midst of it I have about five other projects due, Easter and my son's birthday, and soccer season starting.  I really hope I don't just drown in all the craziness. But one thing that is making me happy is my newly organized storage room.  At least there's that. … [Read more...]

Storage Room Organization

storage room organization_1

My storage situation was a disaster.  I can't stand disorganized storage because it makes life SO much harder than it needs to be.  Don't you hate having to remove five to ten other boxes of stuff before finding what you need?  Or risk everything falling on you in the process?  I always end up hurting myself somehow.  And then I get that bulging vein in my forehead because I'm so frustrated.  So I needed some serious storage room … [Read more...]

Add a Burn-Proof Grip to Pots and Lids with sugru

sugru silicone for pot lids

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of sugru. The other day, I was making blondies.  I was making them the traditional way, wherein you stir brown sugar and melting butter over a hot pot on the stove.  I also have one of those smooth electric top stoves which are very handy to clean, but not very handy at keeping a pot in place.  If you stir food in a pot, many times the pot will spin around with the spoon.  So I have to keep one … [Read more...]

DIY Reclaimed Wood Mirror

Reclaimed Wood Mirror

I got a new baby.  His name is DeWalt and he is a 10" compound sliding double bevel miter saw.  I have been wanting one of these things forever, but last year at SNAP! I met Ana White and she said that a miter saw is something you should save up to get the best one you can.  So I planned on buying one once we moved into our new house, but I was running out of ideas for projects.  I finally told my husband, "I'm going to just buy it.  I could do … [Read more...]

White Kitchens


In case you didn't know yet, we are now in the process of building a house.  We found the lot and have met with the architect about custom designs.  Since we are going with a builder's design, we won't be doing a completely custom house.  So the next step is meeting with their Design Center to make all the decisions about interiors and exteriors. I've known what I want in a kitchen for a long time.  I know this might be the big trend lately, … [Read more...]

Welcome to Honeybear House


I mentioned before I had some exciting news...I'm pregnant!!! Haha---just kidding.  That is the first thing everyone thinks of when people say they have news, right??  Well here's the real news, accompanied by a long Story of My Life.  Congrats if you read it all! About seven months ago, my husband started a new job.  And about six months ago, my husband realized he absolutely loved his job and never wanted to leave.  This was amazing news! … [Read more...]

Easy Rolling Drawer Storage

drawer storage organization

The last two weeks have been crazy--in case you had noticed my lack of posting.  I have exciting news to share, but not just yet.  Stay tuned for that! In the meantime, I want to share this super easy project that will help you gain a little extra storage space in the bedroom as well as help you stay a little more organized.  Rolling drawer storage! You might have seen these before, but if you are looking for a cheap and fast solution for … [Read more...]

How to Paint Laminate and Veneer

How to paint laminate or veneer

I ran into a little problem awhile back.  We were using some borrowed dressers that the owners needed back, so I started searching for some replacements.  I wanted something French country and curvy, and when I stumbled upon two dressers on KSL (Utah's Craigslist) for $150, I was super excited.  We went out and bought them, hauled them home, and then I realized that CRAP--these are not solid wood (as claimed to be by the original owners) they … [Read more...]