The Purple Lamp. (Old World and in Distress)

I've been adding accents of purple into my living room decor.  I really love them, which is weird because I never really liked the color purple until now. But BEHOLD.... ...THE LAMP!!! So I bought a lamp at Goodwill for like $8. Then I spray painted the crap out of it.  But that was a problem because I am not very good at spray painting.  I am too impatient to spray at a good 8 inches away and wait ten minutes in between layers.  I … [Read more...]

Shabby Chic Lamp Makeover

I've been updating some old lamps around my house. I've looked for a long time at various lampshade ideas but was never really wild about any of them. I saw something on Pinterest and it inspired this little Shabby Chic baby: Do you like it? Hmm...I loved it at first. But then it became a little too Shabby Chic for me. If I were to do this again I wouldn't make the knots visible. But that's my style, I prefer clean lines. I loved mixing in a … [Read more...]