Peanut Butter Blossom Turkeys

I love the result of baking but not so much the actual baking task.  I find that I would rather spend hours nailing wood to a wall and painting it than mixing together a few ingredients to make a tasty treat.  That seems strange, right?  Well this week I have done both--baked two different kinds of cookies so far AND nailed some wood to a wall and spent hours painting it.  I feel so accomplished.  And what makes it even more heroic is that I did … [Read more...]

Easy Brownie Pudding

I have distinct memories of growing up in my parents' house in the fall.  My mom was stingy with the heating so it was always pretty cold in the house.  And when we had to turn the clock back, the house felt very dark most of the night.  I remember when the heater would turn on I would literally cover it with my body just to warm up. But there was always one time in the evening when it was bright and warm.  That was at dinnertime, when my … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Guide To A Delicious Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday, and I find myself being super excited for it this year! It can be overwhelming to plan a Thanksgiving dinner, so we put together this guide to help you figure out each piece of Thanksgiving and how to have a successful and delicious holiday! Appetizers: 1. Perfect Crescent Rolls 2. Basic Roasted Pumpkin Seeds 3. Bacon Deviled Eggs 4. Apple Cheddar Melts 5. Baked Broccoli Parmesan … [Read more...]

6 Can 30 Minute Easy Chili Recipe

It's officially cold now.  Sometimes even in the fall I don't feel like making hot soup unless there is a real chill in the air.  And today there definitely was!  I decided to make an easy chili recipe that is very quick and easy, perfect for a cold yet busy day.  And most of the items you will find in your kitchen.  It's very hearty and full of protein to give you a boost and fill you up.  And healthy--maybe make it for Halloween night dinner … [Read more...]

Our Fall Craft Party and a Recipe

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Hershey Company for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. It's no secret that I love Halloween parties.  I love everything about the fall, actually.  This year, instead of throwing a Halloween party like I usually do (well, it might still happen) I decided to kick things off early with a fun Fall Craft Party.  I live in a new neighborhood and everyone is very gung-ho to mean new friends and … [Read more...]

Orange Creamsicle Pumpkin Treats

Here's a little known secret about Halloween--did you know that it's the only time of year when TruMoo comes out with their yummy orange cream flavored orange milk?   It's called TruMoo Orange Scream and it's only available until October 31st!  But it doesn't have any high fructose corn syrup or artificial growth hormones and made from low-fat milk from our local dairy.  I was excited to try it this year when I saw it in the store. We … [Read more...]

Ricotta Cheese Cookies

This post originally appeared on I Heart Naptime on July 23, 2015. I'm so excited to be sharing a yummy cookie recipe with you today--one that is easy, delicious, and impressive!  These cookies are awesome. Like the cousin to the sugar cookie, they are huge, puffy and soft, and have a hint of tartness. My cousin shared this recipe with me this year and I instantly wanted it. They are unique but super tasty. Preheat the oven to 350 … [Read more...]

Pineapple Mango Sorbet

Yes--one more ice cream recipe!  As you might have noticed from my Wendy's Frosty Copycat recipe and my S'mores Ice Cream recipe, I'm a little bit on an ice cream kick right now.  This pineapple mango sorbet recipe is a bit healthier and dairy-free. It starts with a sugar and water syrup base.  Just mix a cup of water and a cup of sugar in a saucepan, mixing and dissolving it.  Meanwhile, cut up 1 fresh pineapple and 2 fresh mangos (you … [Read more...]