20 Brilliant Toy Storage and Organization Ideas

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I have had this toy storage idea in the works for about six months now (story of my life, projects that take for-freakin’-ever) but it got put on hold for various reasons. I’m hoping to finish it within the next few weeks though and I can’t wait to share it because it’s pretty amazing, if I do say so myself (let’s just tease you with “bookcase sawn in half”). In the meantime, let’s get inspired by all these brilliant toy storage and organization ideas!

20 Brilliant Toy Storage and Organization Ideas - these are great for organizing playrooms!

1. Corner Rope Shelves

20 Brilliant Toy Storage and Organization Ideas
2. Easy Puzzle Storage

20 Brilliant Toy Storage and Organization Ideas
3. Cheap Bath Toys Organizer

20 Brilliant Toy Storage and Organization Ideas
4. Organized Playroom Storage

20 Brilliant Toy Storage and Organization Ideas
5. Ultimate Lego Organizer

20 Brilliant Toy Storage and Organization Ideas
7. Just Hanging Around (Car Organization)

20 Brilliant Toy Storage and Organization Ideas
8. DIY Toy Bin with Diaper Boxes

20 Brilliant Toy Storage and Organization Ideas
9. DIY Rope Basket

20 Brilliant Toy Storage and Organization Ideas
10. DIY Toy Storage Wooden Crates

20 Brilliant Toy Storage and Organization Ideas
11. Hot Wheels Car Storage Parking Garage

20 Brilliant Toy Storage and Organization Ideas
12. Stuffed Animal Storage Pen

20 Brilliant Toy Storage and Organization Ideas
13. IKEA Under Bed Toy Box

20 Brilliant Toy Storage and Organization Ideas
14. DIY Bookshelf From Crates

20 Brilliant Toy Storage and Organization Ideas
15. Organizing Barbie Clutter

20 Brilliant Toy Storage and Organization Ideas
16. Kids Creative Center Lego Storage

20 Brilliant Toy Storage and Organization Ideas
17. Bookshelf Manger

20 Brilliant Toy Storage and Organization Ideas
Upholstered Toy Chest

20 Brilliant Toy Storage and Organization Ideas
Lego Shelf Storage

20 Brilliant Toy Storage and Organization Ideas
Bookshelf Into Storage Bench

20 Brilliant Toy Storage and Organization Ideas

I really love toy organization ideas. Now does someone want to come over to my house and sort through all my toys? I can organize them, but I just don’t want to actually walk around my house and put them where they go. And of course then my kids do an excellent job of mixing it all back up instantly. But for those five seconds when it’s organized…it’s so great! And I seriously can’t wait until I can get my toy room all fixed up the way I want it. Just in time for a new baby!


  1. So many fun ideas Heidi! Thanks for sharing my organized playroom shelves! 🙂 xo

  2. Your organization ideas are extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing the post and helping all of us that need it.

  3. I love the quad folding doors you have in your closet that all go to the one side instead of dividing in half to either side. Where did you find your door?

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      Those aren’t actually my doors, you’ll have to contact the owner of the photo.

  4. I love the idea of turning bookshelf in to a storage !!!!!can I ask where did you get that bookshelf ,look like it would be perfect size for my kids room:)

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      I’m not sure which bookshelf you are referring to?

    2. Those bookshelves come from just about anywhere. Walmart has the best price, Target and other major department stores have them as well. I got mine for about 60.00 I believe.

  5. Great ideas! my house gets a little jungle with lots of my kids’ toys. I am looking something like this toy storages ideas. I like it. Must say, really it’s the best toy storages ideas. thanks for sharing this idea.

  6. Wow! what a brilliant idea. I like this creative, space saving, clever and amazing thought. I have to apply it for my kids’ huge toys. I am really tense because of my kid’s huge toys which are scattered here and there. I have to follow your ideas. Thanks for sharing an intelligent toy storages ideas.

  7. Kids room is the messiest place. It;s really risky, Kids can get injured due to shattering toys. Even children are not good at sorting their toy, it can grapes more space and look ugly.Thanks for Sharing toy storage box for toy storage solution. Really helpful thought.

  8. What an idea! really nice an ideas!This is the best solution to get rid of my kids messiest toys. I like it so much. Thanks for sharing a nice blog.

  9. What a thought! super ideas really! It is clever and space saving ideas. I think mom will get rid of kids messy toys. Thanks for sharing such a nice toy storage ideas.

  10. Amazing ideas. It is really clever and space saving ideas. In small home its help to get rid of messy toys. Thanks for such a nice idea to organize kids toys.

  11. Such a clever though! really Briant way to storage kids toys.

  12. Amazing ideas! What a clever though! It’s really amazing space saving ideas for small family.Mom can get rid from Kids messy zone. Thanks for such a helpful guide.

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