Learn to use power tools and discover just how easy and affordable DIY and home decorating can be!

Five years ago I bought an IKEA 8-drawer Hemnes Unit. I asked my husband to build it, but he was too busy. I didn't want to wait until he had time, so I decided to open that bad boy and assemble it myself. Five hours later, I had a dresser! (Whew!) Accomplishing that task opened up my eyes to the world of building and DIY. I realized that If I just take it one step at a time, I could probably do some seriously cool stuff!

I decided to build some shelves--that taught me how to really use a drill. Then I decided to build a lego organization desk for my son. That taught me to use a circular saw. Then I built some large storage shelves--which taught me to use a miter saw. And with each project, I learned so much about power tools and just how non-scary they really are.  

The more projects I finished, the more I realized how many women are out there looking for a way to start using power tools to decorate their homes but not knowing where to start. So one day I sat down and started to write everything I knew about my tools and A Girl's Guide to Power Tools was born.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why it is essential to start using power tools as a way to complete DIY projects and decorate your home.
  • How to overcome the various obstacles preventing you from trying power tools  
  • Detailed explanations, photos and diagrams of the power tools I use the most and exactly how to use them
  • A close look at cordless drills and drivers, nail guns, saws of all kinds, and many other tools
  • What to look for when purchasing power tools and where to buy them for the best deals


Hi! I'm Heidi! I'm an avid DIY'er and home decorator. My mission is help women discover their inner creativity and find the courage to tackle DIY projects with confidence and purpose. I love helping people design, decorate, and DIY their houses to help them create a home they love.

I have authored the popular DIY decorating blog Honeybear Lane for the last seven years. My work has appeared on TV, magazines, and many popular websites. 

My most favorite job is being a mom to four children and wife to an amazing husband who usually lets me choose what to watch on TV :)


The Newbie

You've never touched a power tool in your life but you think that all those girls building stuff and using power tools are soooo cool and you want to be one of them someday.

The Dabbler

You've lent a hand with projects here and there and maybe even used a drill or a nail gun once or twice but really don't feel confident enough to work on your own.

The DIY Lover 

You love all things DIY and you've built a few small things but you really just want to learn all the nuts and bolts and create a project that is truly impressive.  

Every time I see Heidi's projects I'm just amazed at her vision and diy skills! I can't wait to see what she does next! It's amazing at what someone can do with creative vision and power tools and Heidi has both!

-Alicia, Thrifty and Chic

Heidi is a breath of fresh air when it comes to building furniture and home decor. Her book is easy to follow and builds your confidence in power tools! With a few tips and tricks you will be on your way to saving money and furnishing your home!

-Ashley, Cherished Bliss