Teapot Rhinestone Onesie–Silhouette Deal!

You might have seen the latest gorgeous rhinestone Silhouette projects going around this last weekend.  Well I got a chance to review the Rhinestone Starter Kit using my Silhouette and believe it or not, it was one of the easiest Silhouette projects I've ever done!  Also turned out very cute, if I do say so myself!   Right now you can get the Silhouette Cameo and the Rhinestone Starter Kit for only $269.99--regularly $399!  Use the code HONEY … [Read more...]

Make a Onesie into a Dress!

Hello, Honeybear Lane readers! This is Rebecca from Searching Out Simple. I'm so happy to have been chosen as a contributor. Thank you, Heidi! Today I have a onsie makeover to share with you. I wanted to make a gift for a cute little girl I know and this is what I came up with. Dressing up a onesie is a quick & easy way to make a custom dress for a gift or your own baby girl. I used a knit fabric but you can also use woven, though knit … [Read more...]

Stacked Applique Tutorial & Happy Sewing Month!

Enter the Mama Stellato Giveaway HERE *******************Happy Sewing Month!  I was going to write a fun historical fact about sewing, but nothing was really all that...fun.  Sewing?  Awesome.  History of sewing?  Snooze-fest.  But I'm planning some fun stuff for you all in honor of National Sewing Month, so get excited!  And if you're at all curious, pay attention to today's tutorial.  Supplies:A … [Read more...]

I know it’s a bit early, but…

...I am already pining for Halloween.  It's my second-most favorite holiday (next to Christmas of course!) I love fall in general and my heart breaks a little every time I realize that I have to spend every day feeling the heat instead of breathing the crisp, cool air.  And that I have to close my eyes and exhale slowly to visualize the beautiful mountains with all the fall colors.  And the apple orchards exploding with ripe fruit, … [Read more...]

Striped Onesie Tutorial

Don't forget to enter the Sweet Tea Shoppe Giveaway! **********************I think it would be pretty awesome to come up with a list called "One Hundred Things to do with Onesies."  There are so many things!  Here's one today. Supplies needed:White onesieOld cereal boxElectric tapeRIT fabric dyeSpritz bottle Old ragsStep 1:  Start with a clean, white onesie.  Cut some cardboard from a cereal box and put it inside … [Read more...]

How to Dye a Onesie

How to Dye a Onesie: Feed your baby blueberries. Done!Okay seriously, this is what you need:Clean, White Onesie, just begging to be dyedRIT Fabric Dye (It's funny because this says Navy Blue but I used orange for this tutorial)Step 1:  Fill a bowl (I just use Tupperware) halfway with really hot waterStep 2:  Add 2-4 Tablespoons of the dye powder and 1 Tablespoon of Salt (More dye for deeper color)Step 3:  Add your onesie and poke … [Read more...]