18 Ways to Wrap a Present by Country Chic Cottage

Hello all!  I am Angie with The Country Chic Cottage.  I am so happy to be guest posting on Honeybear Lane today.  As I was scrambling to do my wrapping this past weekend, I had a wonderful idea for a post.  For all of you last minute wrappers (like me), here is a round up for great wrapping ideas from pinterest -- where else??  From rustic to elegant and everything in between.  Enjoy! Source: Good Housekeeping Source: A Creative … [Read more...]

8 Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

We can all agree on one thing...the holiday season doesn't need to get any more stressful.  So it's totally understandable if you buy a few rolls of wrapping paper and wrap everything you purchase in them.  Heck, that's what I've done every year of my life.  Until I met my husband.  Funny, huh?  My husband LOVES to wrap his gifts meticulously, taking forever to make sure every piece of tape is cleverly hidden and the whole wrapping job looks … [Read more...]

Helpful Etsy Shipping Tips!

Looking for the Arm Candy Purse Giveaway??**********Shipping is actually a tricky thing because everyone has to figure out what works best for them. For me, I sold a lot of hair things and onesies at first and shipped those USPS in small manilla envelopes. After I moved to selling bedding almost exclusively, I shipped through a Fed Ex account, which was convenient and cheaper for me. I just bought my boxes at Walmart. I probably could have … [Read more...]