B Kind 2 Earth Day!!!


I was supposed to be a state leader for B Kind 2 Earth Day, April 22nd.
I was supposed to commit to doing one thing for the earth on Friday.
The only problem was that my week got a wrench thrown into it when I flooded the bathroom (real earth friendly, I know.)
3 inches of water in the bathroom and half my bedroom carpet soaked.
Buckets, towels, shop vac, and fans later, it’s mostly dried out.

I got our B Kind 2 Earth Day t-shirts in the mail the day before.  One small adult size that fit me fine, and two ginormous child mediums.
My children don’t even wear ‘child’ sizes yet.
So I “upcycled”  the big t-shirts by sewing them to fit my babes.
 I know, I know…I’m an earth-lovin’ fool.  

Hmm…I’m thinking that maybe Earth Day wasn’t quite the “EGG-citing” holiday this weekend.  (You don’t get candy on Earth Day??  Then what’s it for??!)

Don’t judge my plants and that terrifying cactus.  I clearly spend little to zero time ‘gardening’ here.  (I planted these to stop people from walking right in front of my patio.)

And we spent some time playing in the dirt.  Can’t love the earth much more than that right?

Seriously, how can you resist this face?  (Spend an hour with him in a church meeting and you’ll gladly give him back!)

(Don’t tell the earth but I totally forgot to take my re-useable grocery bags to the store.)  

I love the earth though.  And if I didn’t live in an apartment where being ‘green’ is extremely difficult, I would definitely make more of an effort.  Here is a list of things I would do:

  • Have my own vegetable garden
  • Start a compost
  • Have a laundry drying line
  • Recycle plastics and papers
  • Install energy efficient appliances and lo-flow toilet thingys
  • Use my lawn clippings to mulch my garden
  • Rescue old furniture and such from thrift stores and yard sales and make it over
  • Build furniture/decor out of wood pallets
  • Purchase lots of our clothes from thrift stores
  • Re-use my children’s clothes for their siblings

And the list goes on!  Several of those things (the thrifting and upcycling) I do already.  But it’s near impossible to have a garden where I live (meaning in an apartment), let alone a laundry drying line.  I tried to recycle for awhile but since they don’t do apartment pickup, I was lugging bags and bags of plastic to recycling areas and it just got increasingly difficult once I had my second baby.

It’s always easy to do the non-green thing (use the dryer, throw stuff away, etc.)  But we really should try to do our part to leave less of a footprint.
The Earth is a great gift to us that we need to treat well!

Happy Belated Earth Day!
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  1. jacque4u2c says:

    What adorable pictures! (sorry about your bathroom…)

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