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  1. Wow! That is one fabulous quilt! What a great idea… I would love to do this. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. So neat!! I am currently working on my daughter's baby clothes quilt;) I love how this one is pieced together!

  3. Hi, I love the idea of the memory quilt the only thing I’m unsure of is how big to make the squares…I just had a baby girl and I’m anxious to get started with just getting the pieces I want cut so I can toss what I don’t use and just save the pieces that I need/want. If you could let me know I would greatly appreciate it alot.


    • Not sure since this was a guest post but I think you could measure how small the smallest piece of clothing is and make them all that size OR you could just decide on a standard size like 5×5 and make it work!

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