Loxly Hollow Giveaway!

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I’m SO excited about today’s giveaway.  Have you heard of Loxly Hollow?

Elisabeth, the artist and owner, is immensely talented.  I first saw was introduced to her work by Ashley Stock from Little Miss Momma and I just fell. in. love.  Here’s a little more about Elisabeth:

What do you love most about your work?

I love that it’s not a routine; my work lets me take flights into fancy. It’s a job that requires me to have fun and be a kid again, to sit in the children section at Barnes and Nobles and pour over kids books, and one that allows me to go to Disneyland on the pretext of getting ideas for work. Oh, and I love how I can be doing work anywhere; as long as I have a not too stubby pencil and a napkin, I can be doing my work at the beach, in the car, or wherever.
Where did you learn?

My Mum taught myself and my siblings at home, and all that I know about art has come from my Mum. She would supply us with countless books and have us sketch and paint from them. I think my style has evolved from a mixture of Beatrix Potter, Ernest Shepherd, and Hillary Knight.

Why did you start?

I always wanted to write books and illustrate, and luckily this job is bringing me closer to that goal. Illustrating allows me to have a living as well as have enormous fun while doing it!


I love art like this, so whimsical and young.  It reminds me of reading children’s books, of the innocence and wonder in little kids, that I wish I still had.  Every picture conjures up a different memory for me, and I would seriously buy every print she has.  I have three of hers already and I’m always wanting more.  She did this custom piece for me, based on the description of my two boys that I gave her.  And I just love it to death.  It so reminds me of them (when they are happily playing rather than fighting and crying) and it will remain one of my prized possessions.

I feel like she does such a great job of capturing the very essence of childhood, love, and friendship.  I got this picture for my best friend, since it reminded me so much of us when we were that age (best friends since I was three!)  inseparable.

She calls these nursery prints, but I would put them all over my house.  That’s how much I love them.

And ps, she is very frequently having a ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ sale in her shop.  Go buy a few as gifts for Christmas or birthdays or whatever–what a special gift!

I have recently purchased these two…

And I REALLY love these holiday ones!


Her artwork is amazing and incredibly affordable.

And today she is giving away your choice of 3 prints ($50 value!) to one winner!

How to enter:

Visit her shop and tell me which are your favorite prints!

Heart her shop on Etsy (comment back)

Heart your favorite items in her shop (comment back)

You must be a Honeybear Lane follower to enter; Giveaway ends on 9/27/11



  1. my favorite print is foxy girl reading

  2. I hearted foxy girl is reading

  3. Hearted her etsy shop (and admittedly I also hearted about a half a dozen more prints that I LOVE)

  4. My Baby Fox is a for sure favorite!

  5. I heart her shop! (channynn)

  6. My Baby Fox is now a favorite!

  7. What an adorable shop! There are so many cute prints to choose from, but I think “A Boy and His Dog” is my favorite. It would be perfect for my son’s room. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  8. I added Loxley Hollow to my Etsy favorites. 🙂

  9. I added my favorite print to my favorites list as well. 🙂

  10. There are MANY…. too many! I like the unicorn print for my daughter, the boy and his dog, the elephants, the owls… I could go on!

  11. My favorite are Summer Days, Bubble Bath, and The Reading Chair.

  12. The Once Upon A Time print is gorgeous. I can just see it in a bright pink gothic style frame!

  13. I love My Baby Bunny, Princess and the swan, girls together, princess and her pony.

  14. I am a new follower of Honey Bear Lane – love your website! Thanks for introducing me to Loxly Hollow. I like the “Hurray for Bubbles,” “Catch the Pretty Bubbles,” and “Blond Girl with Lamb” prints. I never found artwork that I like for my daugthers nursey until now!! Hope I WIN!!!

  15. My favorites are Autumn Leaves and A Frosty Day. So beautiful!

  16. I <3 her shop

  17. I <3 the autumn leaves print and the frosty day print – my favorites!

  18. i love the Whiffle the Saw-Whet Owl.!! so cute

  19. i hearted her shop!

  20. i also hearted all my fav items!

  21. Amazing! My fav is definitely Princess and The Swans.

  22. I now heart Loxly Hollow on etsy

  23. And I have hearted Princess and The Swans

  24. I love the Elephant Bubble Bath print!

  25. I added her shop as a favorite (and will be back, as I’m decorating a nursery in elephants for our January baby).

  26. Oh my… thank you for the introduction to Loxly Hollow!! I am really loving Elephant Bubble Bath. But seriously so hard to choose one favorite. Love her style and playfulness!! Fingers crossed I win!!

  27. I have most certainly hearted her shop on my etsy (kittymade)

  28. I’ve hearted Elephant Bubble Bath, Pretty Unicorn, First Meeting, and Reading with Leonel (so far). The illustrations and charaters are just too cute!!

  29. I visited her shop! My favorites are the Red Umbrella, Woodland Alphabet, Holding onto Chilhood, And Friends Reading together!

  30. I hearted her shop!

  31. And hearted my favorites (& more!) on etsy!

  32. I like the red umbrella and the teacup pig

  33. I hearted her etsy shop, I want one of each!

  34. It’s so hard to choose but I think my favorite is the elephant w/the red balloon! So precious.

  35. I admit, I hearted many things in her shop, i’m in love!

  36. What a cute shop! My two favorites are The Reading Chair and Someday we will Travel – but it was really hard to choose!

  37. I LOVE the Accent in Red. OWL. PRINT 8X10 Nursery At Wall Decor! I love the colors and the owl.

  38. I added LoxlyHollow to my Favorites on Etsy.

  39. I added Accent in Red. OWL. PRINT 8X10 Nursery At Wall Decor to my favorites on Etsy.

  40. Samantha Wayment says:

    Beautiful! I love the Elephant bubbles one, and the Boy and his Dog one! And about 5 or 6 others….. 🙂

  41. Samantha Wayment says:

    I hearted her on Etsy

  42. Samantha Wayment says:

    I hearted all my favorites in her shop! Too many of them 🙂

  43. I added Loxley Hollow to my Etsy favorites

  44. I love “Star Fishing at Sea.” it is so perfect for my boys room and he loves to fish with his dad

  45. I love all the prints of the kids and animals reading books. I especially love her “The Reading Chair” print

  46. I heart her shop on etsy

  47. i hearted my favorite prints on her shop

  48. VERY hard to choose, but I love this one: Della and Eugene PRINT 8X10

  49. I hearted the shop as njphotographer.

  50. I hearted my favorite as njphotographer.

  51. I like the gathering love print.

  52. I hearted my fave as HannahCraftsy!

  53. Her shop is already in my faves as Hannah Craftsy!

  54. I like the halloween party!

  55. I love the Little girls together, Swan princess, And goodnight moon! Thanks!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  56. I heart the shop!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  57. I really love anything with the fox in them!

  58. I hearted the shop!

  59. I hearted the reading chair and friend print!

  60. I hearted the shop.

  61. I hearted an item.

  62. I loved the world traveler but also really adore chasing dreams.

  63. I love the Owl – Regal Portrait, Leisure Reading and Holding on to Childhood prints the most.

  64. These are all very cute….it was hard trying to narrow it down to a limited number as my favorites. SO here are the three that it came down to: Chasing dreams, Bunny and Elephant Hug, and A lovely night!

  65. I added her as one of my favorite shops (my shop name Mommy2K).

  66. The three painting I listed as my favorite are the ones I marked as my favorite 🙂

  67. My favorite prints are “The Halloween Party”, “P is for Panda”, and “Boo with Halloween Ghosts”. She has really cute stuff!

  68. I heart Loxly Hollow on Etsy.

  69. I hearted my favorite items. Thanks for the fun giveaway. 🙂

  70. Star Fishing at Sea is my favorite!!

  71. Hearted her shop! adorable – would go so great in a babies room!

  72. well of course I could heart my favorite Star Fishing at Sea – and a few others! Thanks!

  73. Love the one called The Reading Chair! 🙂 That would go great in our spare bedroom/craft room/reading room/library/husband’s closet space room!

  74. I LOVE loxlyhollow!! I ordered a custom from her a little bit ago and I am in love with it!! It is happily hanging in my gallery wall. Love it. So that would be my favorite…but I also love the swan princess one. So precious!

  75. I hearted her shop a long time ago!

  76. And I have a few of her prints favorited too. 🙂

  77. How adorable! My three favourite would be counting starts, ducky day and reading trio.
    Thanks for the chance to win something so beautiful!

  78. I love the Foxies on Parade and the First Meeting in Blonde, and Sunflower Girl!

  79. I have hearted her shop on Etsy! butler83

  80. I hearted one of my favorites which is the Sunflower Girl print

  81. I just adore the star fishing at sea!as well as the Fairytail for two print! so talented.

  82. heart my favorite item!!
    nathania.a at gmail dot com

  83. heart her shop!
    nathania.a at gmail dot com

  84. *love* the fairy-tail for two, world traveler, and leisure reading prints.

  85. I love the holiday ones.

  86. The best friends is too adorable!


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