Pinterest Picks: Fall Food

I think I need to join an addiction group:  Pinheads Anonymous.  And I realized that if I am going to continue sharing my Pinterest picks, I should probably give a quick run-down on what exactly Pinterest is, for those who don’t know.

What IS Pinterest Anyway??

From the Pinterest “About” page:  “Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.”

Basically it’s the best of the web, image wise!  Much better than doing a basic internet search, you can find the best and most beautiful pictures of pretty much anything you want!  You ‘pin’ these pictures to your own account by downloading a “Pin it” button to your toolbar.  Then when you are on a site you want to remember, just click Pin It and it will bring up all the images on the page, from which you select.  You can categorize your pins into boards to keep things more organized.

People can follow you on Pinterest and vice versa.  You will see the things they pin and they will see your pins.  You can ‘repin’ anything to your own boards, so when you are feeling creatively void, it’s easy to just go on Pinterest and repin others’ pins!  It’s an amazing way to be inspired, find ideas, things to make, recipes, etc.  It’s basically the greatest internet invention next to the blog.  🙂

You have to be invited to start, so visit this page to request an invitation!

Today I’d like to share with you some tasty ideas for meals and desserts this autumn!  Fall is all about the harvest, so most of these are pumpkin/squash/apple recipes.  If you have another food you’d like me to see, please share!

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All images courtesy of Pinterest. To find the image source, click on the picture.


  1. i’ve stayed up way too late too many nights on pinterest!

  2. umm yes please.. I will eat it all.. and Hi my name is Chrissy and I too am addicted to all things pinterest..

  3. Those look Yum! and I’m totally addicted to pinterest. I’ve wasted lots of time on there! : )


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