Fun with Leapfrog Summer Camp

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A while back I posted about the Leapfrog summer camp.  Remember?  It’s this program Leapfrog is doing this summer that provides you with free daily lessons to help your kids brains from turning to mush this summer.  Here’s a few activities we’ve been doing…

This is the mapping America one.  He cut out pictures of famous landmarks and glued them on the corresponding places on the map.

And this is the panda one.  He learned how to use coordinates to locate a certain spot.

It’s been fun to work on these with my 4-year-old and he gets really excited to do them.  And I’m really impressed with the plan and activities.  Not all of them are printables, some are suggestions of craft activities which I think would be really fun.  We haven’t been able to do those crafts because all our stuff is packed away.  But we will put them on the backburner for after the move!

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