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  1. My grandmother actually taught me how to do this when I was about eight or 9 years old. She has recently started my daughter and I on making one. We have yet decided on colors and backing. I love your sampler. Beautiful!

  2. My Mom has made 2 queen-size quilts, and has another that has been “under construction” for too long! However, she hand quilts these. It took her approximately 1 year to do each one; again, total construction was hand-stitched. Mom’s inspiration was an 85-year-old woman in Houston TX who had made one. The purchase price was $1300.00. (This was about 20 years ago.) The Cathedral Window quilt is truly a beautiful work of art. And your choice of framing the piece you did was an excellent idea!

  3. Sadly, the tutorial you reference is by invitation only. There didn’t seem to be a way to be invited.


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