Burlap + Buttons Elastic Headbands

Hello! I’m Rebecca from Searching Out Simple and I’m so glad to be here again today!

Fall is slowly creeping in the air around here and I found it to be an inspiration for some headbands for a sweet babe. I love the colors and textures associated with fall. It’s fun to have a lot of options at you fingertips when working on a project like this. Most things that I make have a pattern or specific requirements and I want them to be finished with a certain look. Things like this are fun to just sit and play and experiment and have fun while creating something new.

I cut the elastic pieces to about 12-13″, overlap about 1/2″ and sew to secure. Now you have a simple elastic circle with an ugly overlap. Have to cover that up with something cute. I like to cut and layer circles or squares/rectangles. Sometimes I like to ruffle a piece of fabric to mix it up. Adding an unexpected fabric like burlap or tulle gives you texture. I layer, move things around, mix it up. Either hot glue or sew pieces together and finish off with a button if you’d like.

I hot glue the embellishment over the place where I sewed the elastic together. Then glue felt to the elastic. The felt helps keep the headband and makes it softer.


Before you know it you’ll have a little pile of headbands. These can easily made for older babies, toddlers or little girls by adjusting the size of elastic. If you’d like you could make one for yourself as well.

Have fun!

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