Make a Christmas List Ornament!

Another ornament?  Yep!  This one is a super easy Christmas List ornament tutorial, the one I made for Craft Snob.  I was inspired by this from Pinterest pic. Super cute right?  Here's mine: Normally I put my own twist on my Pinterest-inspired projects, but this one didn't have too much room for variation.  I loved the red and everything.  But what I did to make it personal was to make one for each member of my family and write on the list … [Read more...]

Our Christmas Adventure

Longest. Road Trip. Ever.Typically the drive from Arizona to Utah takes us about 10 hours.  However, the days leading up to our departure were so incredibly hectic that we weren't ready to go until the late afternoon.  And we HAD to get out.  Our kids were driving us crazy, you know the feeling?  When they are just so sick of your house and desperately need a change of scenery?  We knew we couldn't make it to Utah leaving … [Read more...]

Putting Myself in Time Out

I have blogged nearly every weekday for like the last four months.  That takes some serious dedication, people!  And I feel more than entitled to a break.  But yet I can't seem to take one, because I actually love to blog...just to write to a reading audience.  I was writing a note to Sandra from Sawdust & Paperscraps about blogging...this is word for word taken out of my email to her:" I would think that our readers … [Read more...]