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Putting Myself in Time Out

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I have blogged nearly every weekday for like the last four months.  That takes some serious dedication, people!  And I feel more than entitled to a break.  But yet I can’t seem to take one, because I actually love to blog…just to write to a reading audience.  

I was writing a note to Sandra from Sawdust & Paperscraps about blogging…this is word for word taken out of my email to her:

” I would think that our readers are getting a little sick of seeing giveaways and Christmas crafts anyway, wouldn’t you?  I totally am.  I would like to see more personal sharing posts about what Christmas means to you, best Christmas memories, etc. on everyone’s blogs.  Is that weird?  I know they are ‘craft’ blogs but sometimes the crafting world is just too competitive and you need to take a break and remove yourself from all of it.  And just share.”  

 So I’m going to be doing a lot more ‘sharing’ and a little less ‘crafting’ for awhile.  I am up to my ears in work for my Etsy shop and really don’t have much extra time for crafts right now anyway.   Christmas is just a stressful time, right?!  So sometimes I might get a little too personal or venty or whatever, and feel free to skip.  But you’ll keep being my friend won’t you?  🙂

is about 
Jesus Christ.  
And I want to remember Him 
most throughout 
this season. 

  Love you guys!!

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  1. Of course we will still be your friend. And I was just thinking about putting up some crafts and featuring but also I was thinking it was to much work right now… So i don't wanna do it LOL

    Thanks for the talk!!

  2. Meadowlark says:

    Well, honestly, I'm NOT getting tired of giveaways, but I am (nearly) nice enough to agree that a "time out" can be good. I can help by agreeing to be declared THE WINNER of anything and everything you're giving away. That would be easier, wouldn't it? 😉

    (mostly) kidding!!! Take a deep breath and relax.


  3. Amy @ Increasingly Domestic says:


    Giveaways and crafts are alot of fun, but they are not what this season is about. It is about the birth of our Lord and a time to gather with family and friends.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. jacque4u2c says:

    Girl we understand, we are moms, wives and full time workers – so we will always be a faithful friend because we understand!!!

  5. I'll be your friend :-). I have a crafty blog too, and I do get a little overwhelmed with trying to keep my personal life out of it sometimes. But then I think, it's my blog…why can't I be personal?! When I do post personal things, I get a few comments on it, so at least like 5 of my readers like it! Haha! I think it's great to have a 'real' blog where you post 'real' things. I look forward to your sharing!

  6. Recovering Craft Hoarder says:

    I love seeing everybody's ideas, however I somewhat agree with you. Just thinking about trying to do everything and finding new crafts to post about can feel overwhelming. If you're not enjoying it, don't do it. I look forward to reading about you and the joys of Christmas and why we have this wonderful holiday.

  7. The Keele's says:

    I totally agree! I think we get so caught up in all the things we need to craft, and buy and so on that we forget what Christmas is REALLY about! It should be a time of family, and remembering the real reason for the season, so bring on the break time!

  8. My niece said to a lady asking her about Santa letters, "Christmas is about God!" We so often forget this. Good to remind us all.

  9. I really agree with you on this:) I mean…I know giveaways are fun every now and then…but sometimes its all thats on blogs anymore. I love when blogs have a balance of crafts and who that person is too…so good for you in taking a break! Its so important to focus on other things so you don't get burnt out. I can't wait to see more of what you post while you take a little break from crafting:)

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