I Love Wire

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So I don’t think this wire craft photographs very well, but I think it looks really cute in my house. I particularly love the sentiment, how it’s on our front door so my husband can be reminded of my love for him every time he leaves! Here’s what I used: wire cutters, jewelry nose pliers, regular pliers, and this aluminum wire that I bought a long time ago at a floral supply store. Even thought it looks thick, it bends REALLY easily.
I played with the look for awhile until I got it to where I wanted (mostly, it got kinda hard to work with the wire after being twisted so much.) And I made little chain links to attach it to the hanger.

I am now curious to discover what other projects I can do with this wire…the possibilities are endless.


  1. Oh, stop it! That is SO cute!

  2. Tyler and Jen says:

    I agree! Very cute! And I have tons of white hangers to use for it! 🙂

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