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Haircut or Hack Job?

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So I have a son, as you know. And his hair grows like a weed! He did not inherit that from me. He got my thin hair and my husband’s fast-growing abilities. So believe it or not, his last haircut was only in November and this is how long it was:

It was driving us all crazy so we buzzed it. Can you see it?The kid refused to hold still for a picture. Mean old mom had to force him.
But he had his best pal Froggy to comfort him

I have a new rule: never wait that long again! His hair w
as so hard to cut since it was so long, and it was already hard to cut, since he is a two-year-old. I got so sick of trying to buzz it off that I just grabbed the scissors and hacked away at it for awhile. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to blend all the hacking I did, so let’s just say it’s not his best haircut.

But we’re still buddies.

(Don’t ask me why the font is so huge at the top, it would NOT change to normal.)

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