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My One Craft

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Wow, I can’t believe Easter is next week. Easter crafts: zero! And here you all thought I was crafty. Actually, I am, but for some reason I have never really gotten into Easter crafts. Maybe because I burn myself out with Valentine’s Day crafts or maybe because April is an incredibly busy month for me…

So this time I decided to redeem myself somewhat by making Easter sugar cookies. I used the same method of frosting as I did with my Valentine’s sugar cookies, but used a tastier frosting, I don’t like the strawberry one (tastes like a protein shake.) And I tried a different sugar cookie recipe which tasted better except that I added too much flour. It just seemed way too sticky so I kept adding flour, but I hear that if you refrigerate the dough while it’s still a little sticky then it won’t be very sticky later on. But I didn’t have time to refrigerate. So…floury cookies. But I still liked them. You can’t really tell from this picture, but I actually dipped the cookies in yellow frosting and then half-dipped them in another color for a fancier look.

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