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My Oldest Friend

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Today is the 27th birthday of my oldest friend. Here she is sitting in a gelato shop in Salt Lake. (She is also wearing that necklace that I mentioned a few posts ago). She was seven months pregnant at the time, doesn’t she look great!
I have to wish her happy birthday on this blog because she is one of the reasons that I started Honeybear Lane. The first puff quilt I made was for her, and she picked out all the fabrics. I have since then made and sold four other quilts that are very similar to the one she has.

Plus she has the most adorable baby girl, Rylee. Does she look familiar?
Rylee has been the recipient/guinea pig of many a project of mine. Such as this cute little witch’s costume/tutu last Halloween (when she was like one month old).

I met my dear friend when I was three years old and we have always stayed in each other’s lives, despite living in many different states and going through many different life experiences at different times. One thing that sticks out in my mind the most is how much she was there for me when I had my first baby, even though she didn’t have any kids yet. She came over frequently and did as many things for me as she good. She didn’t even care when my son peed on her (is that friendship or what?!)

Happy Birthday, dearest. I love ya!

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