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Why Can’t I just HAVE the baby!!!

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I am so confused, ladies. I have been googling everything and asking other women about what labor feels like, but am still SO confused. My first pregnancy ended in a scheduled C Section due to a breech baby so I never went into labor. So, let me explain…

On Sunday my husband and I were driving in the car and I started having some massive pressure/contractions/pain in my uterus. It wasn’t suddenly brought on, it had been slowly starting over the last couple hours. But suddenly it got a lot more intense, and the only way I can really explain the feeling was ‘bearing down’ like the baby’s head was literally on its way out. I thought for a second the baby would come out in the car. It was some pretty intense pressure and pain. It subsided for a minute, as contractions do, and we were able to get home. I got home and tried to resume normal activities, but had to stop every few minutes to breathe through another contraction. I thought, ‘this is it!’ and called the hospital to ask her if I could be in labor. She asked me a bunch of questions and agreed that yes, I probably was. I should time the contractions and come in when they were five minutes apart. We started getting ready for it, but then I finally just sat down and relaxed and the contractions and pain subsided…and then disappeared altogether.

So what the heck was that?! It seemed a lot more serious than Braxton Hicks, more regular and increasing with intensity. I guess it’s fairly common for early labor to start and stop? But that’s so unfair.

P.S. Yesterday was my sweet boy’s birthday…now he is 2. More about that later when I am not so frustrated with pregnancy.


  1. nap time journal says:

    What I am learning is my current pregnancy is completly different then the first and my Braxtons are more intense and kinda painful. The doc said they are worse with more pregnancies….joy for us right!? Yah I thought something was going on this weekend too…..PLEASE not the same weekend as my anniversary and my babies birthday ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good luck….Hopefully sooner then later that baby will join your family!

  2. Ann On and On... says:

    What an "exciting" time for you! I'm sure everything will be great, but I agree with you…what the heck is going on. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I am part of the "welcome wagon" at SITS. We want to make sure you know how much we appreciate you joining our SITSerhood. I'm hosting a "luxury" giveaway…come on over.

  3. That is the key- when real labor starts it won't go away when you sit down and relax- it will continue on. Sometimes you get intense labor pains when you are dehydrated. So if you feel those same pains and you drink a glass of water and they continue or you sit and relax and they continue- then it is the real thing!

    Good Luck Baby!

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