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What I Wore Today…Then Make it!

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Disclaimer:  Arizona didn’t get the message that it’s nearly October because it’s over 100 degrees in this picture.  Yes I wore this, but not for that long!
 Sweater:  Originally from Target; embellished by me
Tank:  Gap
Jeans:  Gap
Shoes:  Payless

It’s sweater season!  Except not really for me.  But I can pretend and hold off until Thanksgiving when I go to winter in Utah!  (Only two more years here…)  So take out a dumpy old cardigan, grab a roll of wide lace from a craft store (they sell them in the ribbon and trim section) and snazz it up!  

Here’s my dumpy old cardi.
There was this stiff edge on the lace that I cut off so the lace could lie flat.  The I pinned it as shown above, stopping at the shoulder. 
I folded the cut edge under and sewed along the fold.  After that, I sewed down the scalloped side as well because it was looking weird from the side.   
It needed a little further embellishment, so I folded the lace in half and twisted into some roses.  I also used that stiff edge I cut off before and just rolled it up.  Then I hot glued the arrangement onto some white felt and trimmed it down. 
All done!
How corny is this picture?!
I have a couple more craft projects that take less than half an hour…the best kind of projects!  Oh and get ready for the Sew-Along!  I was blown away by your responses so we are for sure going to do some great beginner projects!  

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  1. What a great idea and it looks GREAT! Good job!

  2. posidanielle says:

    Loving the cardi! It looks so cute!

  3. Kevin and Megan says:

    That is really really cute! And it spruced up that cardigan amazingly! Great job!

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