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Just a few little items worth mentioning…

1.  I’m so excited about the Crafting with the Stars competition, have you seen all the projects??  They are seriously amazing.  So much so that I’m sure there’s no way I could possibly make it Round 2.  But still, it’s been such an honor to even be in Round 1 and work alongside all these amazing women. 

P.S. You can vote more than once!  Did you know that?  Click HERE to vote again!  

P.P.S. I really want to make to Round 2 since I have such a fun idea.  But you know, I’ll probably just do it anyway!  

2.  My Star Partner is Amy from The Idea Room.  Have you seen this amazing site?  She has super awesome ideas/tutorials/patterns.  And she was so sweet today to do a little spotlight on me (though I have to say my face that big is not exactly delightful to see!) 

3.  Keep entering the Wendy’s giveaway, I’ll choose the six winners later tonight!  Wahoo!  Free lunch!

4.  Don’t forget to link up for tomorrows “Tuesday Morning Buzz!”  I’ll be doing a special sponsored giveaway for everyone who links up and/or leaves a comment!  And as always, one of your projects will be chosen for a guest tutorial the following week. 

Sorry this post was all over the place.  A little thought vomit, if you will. 

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  1. Mruna Mistry says:

    You made it into round two! congratulations!

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