Children’s Military Jacket by Shwin & Shwin

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Hello HoneyBear Lane readers! My name is Shauna and I am Shwin W behind the blog Shwin & Shwin. It’s a little creative space where my sister and I share our creations. Sewing and creating has always been a passion of mine and starting a blog has just pumped up the volume! I have a passion for toddler clothes and offering my kids something different. With this love my sister and I launched Project Toddler Runway. Want to join in? You should check it out HERE.  {The deadline for submission is December 13th!}

Today I will be sharing a tutorial for this little military jacket. We are pretty big Beatles fans so this may be a little influenced by Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. I love  jacket with military influences.
So let’s dig right in!

The pattern for this jacket should be a shirt that fits. I like one that is a little loose but still a good fit. (you can follow the same steps for any size jacket) Fold the shirt in half and line it up on the edge of the fabric folded. Cut around the edge.
Then taking the piece you just cut out you will cut two more not on a fold but you will make it wider by 4 inches.
Then with those pieces cut out angle the one edge so it tapers down. As shown above

Then take one of the piece and cut straight up from the bottom tapper. 
Then for the sleeves. Cut two on the fold lining up the sleeve on the fold and follow the sleeve. 
Then cut to rectangles that are the same width of the sleeve unfolded. These will be the cuffs. The length can be decided by overlapping the cuff with the sleeve and then deciding how long you want to add to the sleeve. (keep in mind there will be seams) 
Then fold the cuffs in half and cut a slope in the sleeve forming a point at the top of the folded side.
When the cuff is unfolded it should look like this.
So here are the pattern pieces. (two sleeves and two cuffs even though only one of each are pictured) I did also add a pleated band at the bottom of the jacket which is optional if you want to add one as well cut a narrow strip that is the width of all the bodice pieces then add 6 inches for the pleats
We will start the sewing with the sleeves. first the cuffs, sew piping along the top edge of the right side of the cuff.
Then turn the flap around to the back and top stitch in place
Then sew right side of the cuff to the wrong side of the sleeve.
Then fold the cuff up and if you want top stitch the bottom edge.
Then fold the sleeve so right sides are together, and sew in place.
Next sew the shoulder and side seams, so that the front and back bodice pieces are sewn together.
Next we add the sleeves. Sew right sides together and if your sleeve is larger than the opening don’t sweat it just add a little pleat at the top of the shoulder, it adds to the feminine charm 🙂

Next sew piping all along the angled edge and neckline. (you don’t have to go down the other edge since it is the inside of the jacket but you can.) Again you will sew it to the right side then turn the flap to the inside and top stitch in place. Then if you skipped piping on the other edge like I did just hem that edge.
Next I added the strip along the bottom edge. Adding pleats in the back and a few in front. Sew in place.
So then you should have the basic jacket.
Now for the details. I used small grosgrain ribbon and made little loops that gradually got longer with each one. Then sew them in place. Then I added little buttons to the each one. I also ruffled some lace and added a few sew on studs it added a little something something.
I also added a little button at the cuff.
Lastly I added snaps so the jacket would close. You can put them all the way down the front if you want I only went down a little since my little toddler gets a full belly and I do want things to be comfortable for her so it allows a little extra room. You can do what ever you want.
Then put it on. My daughter looks less than thrilled but I can tell she likes it.
(The faux rider pants can be found here)
She could even throw on a funky headband and look like she is really ready to jam along with the lonely hearts club band.


Thanks for having us! It was a joy!

Thanks so much for being my guest, Shauna!  What a hot jacket this would be for winter!  Don’t forget to try out for her Project Toddler Runway!
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  1. TARA-EmBenDesigns says:

    oh I love all clothing made by Shwin. She can make any pattern from a few basic clothes and sew them into stylish clothing

  2. Mandi @ Vintage Revivals says:

    Oh she is so cute! I just want to suck on her cheek. Face cheek that is. I love the jacket, what are the odds of having you bust one out for me?

    Love your guts lady!

  3. Could this jacket be any cutier?! I can wait to tackle this project.
    Don’t ya just love it when ou made something super wonderful and they don’t want
    to model for ya? Lol.

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