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Music & Lyrics: Great Gift Idea for a Boy!

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If you are related to me STOP READING RIGHT NOW!!!  Especially if your name is Tyler.   I’m not kidding!

Whew, okay.  Now that that’s out of the way, onto our regularly scheduled programming.  Do you have little brothers or teenage sons?  I have a little brother.  And I’m from a large family.  So we rotate through family members each year for our Christmas gift-giving.  We used to draw names but it got hard to keep track of.  I like the rotating, because you always know who you are going to have and you can plan for it a long time in advance.  And this year I have my 24-year-old brother, Tyler. 

I have gift ideas for everyone on my list this year, except for Tyler.  What do you get a boy that age?  Especially when you have a tendency to always think home-made.  Sure, I could get him an Itunes gift card (which I probably will do anyway) but how boring is that to open on Christmas morning?  So I thought about making him a cool t-shirt, but my husband assured me that that was a very risky move and my shirt would probably go un-worn.

One thing is for certain about my guitar-playing, piano-playing brother.  He loves music.  So I came up with this:

They are lyrics to some of his favorite songs, and songs that he and I used to sing and play together on the guitar.  I plan to print them out on high-quality paper and frame them.  He can hang them in his room (and hopefully he will, you know how boys can be.)  What do you think?  Can you guess who sings the songs?  Do you notice any typos or problems (I already found one!)  Do you like the color scheme I chose?  Do you think he will like them?   
What are you planning on making as gifts this year?  I LOVE making Christmas presents because it’s so personal and usually cheaper.  🙂 I’m skipping the linky party this week but I’d love to hear your comments!
(PS How’s your listening coming?)

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  1. What a great idea! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE this!!! Seriously, such a great idea, they look wonderful!

  3. Ms Domestic Darling says:

    I LOVE this idea! I think it's especially awesome that you chose songs that mean something to not only him, but you too! The colors are great and I would think he'd enjoy hanging up the lyrics, if he's a true music nut.

    Please forgive me is my hubby and my song – David Gray is fantastic :).

  4. Love the wall art idea! You could also get them printed on T shirts!

  5. HEIDI!!

    EEEEE! Final 3! I am so excited! Have you decided what you are going to do?

    love your guts

  6. What a cool gift – I think he will like them. I won't say anything I promise. And we have you this year – the pressure is on! Aack! Also congratulations on making the final three. I knew you would. What an accomplishment!

  7. Ooh thank God – a good boy gift! I have an 18 year old kid brother and I've been SO stumped. Mine also plays guitar and piano (and drums) and my homemade brain could only come up with a guitar strap cover. YAY for good ideas! Thank you!

  8. Luv 2 Kreate says:

    What a WONDERFUL gift idea!!!! ♥ it

  9. Heidi- Congrats on making the final round! Your puff quilt was amazing and I love the polka-dots. I will continue to check in on you and your amazing talent!

    p.s. I love this gift idea, and I want to do it for myself. Music and lyrics are so powerful to me, thus making the perfect art!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I love the idea and the style. Very modern, and very gender unbiased. But I find the colors, especially the green, a bit loud. Love the grey, like the blue, tolerate the orange, can't look at the green. If it were me, I would pick a color and print them in different shades of that same color, or different hues from the same color family, thus making it less kid like and more grown up.
    Great idea!

  11. Oh, was I not supposed to tell Tyler? HA! Just joshin.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Nice idea. I will point out two spelling mistakes in Nothingman — "subtract" and "lightning" (missing the 'b' in subtract and the 'n' in lightning). And the grammarian in me wonders why you have chosen not to use apostrophes, especially when the words are contractions (I'll, we're, etc.), or any commas or any punctuation for that matter, except for the odd hyphen. Perhaps it has something to do with aesthetics, but for those unfamiliar with the lyrics, it makes for harder reading…

  13. Wow, great idea! I think my hubby would like those, too! I'm sure he will love them!
    One is a Pearl Jam song (one of my fave bands!), another from Joshua Radin, and David Grey, and Snow Patrol?

  14. Aaaaaaand this post just made me realize just HOW phenomenal Snow Patrol is. I guess it works out that I'm 23 and totally digging this gift, too, haha.

  15. This is one of the best ideas I have ever heard of -esp with me having four boys -three of them being teenagers -you know what else would be cool to give this to a couple with the words to their first dance song Thnak you for this idea -your little brother is going to LOVE this -He is even going to think you are still pretty cool 🙂

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    Известно, что на должность замглавы Росмолодежи Екатерина Драгунова была назначена распоряжением премьер-министра России Дмитрия Медведева 31 мая 2017 года, о чем сообщает сайт правительства. Ранее она возглавляла Управление регионального взаимодействия Росмолодежи. Ее страница ВКонтакте пестрит освещением разного рода молодежных форумов и семинаров, география которых впечатляет: они проходят практически во всех регионах России — от Калининграда до Камчатки. Здесь же, в соцсети, можно подать заявку на Всероссийский конкурс молодежных проектов среди образовательных организаций высшего образования.

    Для распределения грантов в 2018 году Росмолодежи было выделено более 2,5 млрд рублей — сумма более чем приличная. Об этом на пресс-конференции в ТАСС в декабре прошлого года заявила сама Драгунова. И уточнила, что, мол, физическим лицам в рамках грантовой поддержки будет выделено 300 млн рублей, еще порядка 300 млн рублей получат молодежные коллективы, до 3 млн рублей будет выделяться на крупные творческие проекты, а наибольшую долю среди распределяемых сумм составят гранты вузам — на сумму порядка 1,5 млрд рублей.

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    При этом в пресс-службе губернатора Владимирской области заявление Алексея Аветисова назвали «некорректным и лукавым», подчеркнув, что «…областная администрация не может участвовать в организации или контролировать финансово-хозяйственную деятельность федерального молодежного лагеря».


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