Great Kids’ Valentines Ideas

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Valentine’s Day was pretty fun for me as a child.  My mom would give us a ton of yummy candy (with gummy hearts–so good!) and some sort of gift (usually a book.)  
Then we’d pack off to school and give kids our Valentines.  We’d construct envelopes from construction paper and staples and the hand out our Valentines.  
My mom would buy us the pre-made Valentines usually but one year I decided to make my own.  I spent all afternoon doing it and then on the day of the party, when I handed them out, the kids were pretty disgusted with them.  No cartoons, no candy.  I didn’t even write my name on them because I was embarrassed at the lack of candy they had.  So sad.   
Kids should be able to make their Valentines and be proud of them.  And I suppose….they could maybe include candy.  If you really want. 
Here are some fun kids’ Valentines ideas to get those creative juices flowing…

Mile High Mamas: Love in a Test Tube 
So ingenius!!
Love these cute and personal “Hand” Valentines by Martha
Aren’t these awesome??  
The Long Thread made these babies

Techno-saavy kids will love handing these out: 
from Family Fun

Your pretty girls will love handing out these bunches of crepe paper flower Valentine’s!!  
From Kaboose
So simple, wallet-friendly, and healthy…LOVE Juice!!  I love me some love juice.  
From At Second Street via Tatertots and Jello
I love this idea:  Making Valentines out of pictures of your kids…print onto cardstock or labels and stick the labels to something fun like bubbles!!  From I Make Stuff

Yay!  So many fun ideas out there, and there are tons more on some of those sites I mentioned.  Go check them out for ideas and help your kids to hand out some super fun and original Valentines!!

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  1. I love the handprint ones and the water bottles! So cute!

  2. My kids want to make the iPod Valentines but I can’t find the printable. The link does not take you to it. Such a cute idea, I hope you can help…

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