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How to Sew Your Valentines

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I love making simple sewn Valentines.  
What could be easier than some red felt and lace on a white card?  
Here are the ones I made yesterday:

Puffed Up Heart:  1) Cut out a felt heart 2) Sew heart directly onto the card 3) Leave a small opening 4) Fill with poly-fill 5) Sew shut

Plastic Heart: 1) Cut clear plastic vinyl into a heart shape 2) Leave the paper on and sew around the edges 3) Leave an opening and rip off paper 4) Use a funnel to fill your heart with something glittery (I used sprinkles) 5) Add in anything extra (like tiny felt hearts) 6) Sew shut

Ruffled Love:  1) Lay a long strip of ruffled lace on the crease of the card, card open 2) Sew along the top of the lace 3) Clip the lace off and start over, about a 1/2 inch below the first row 4) Continue until the card front is covered, with about six rows of lace 5) Clip all the edges and threads for a uniform look.

For the others I used flat lace, felt, and even some brown burlap.  Once you get going, the possibilities are endless!  Great project for a new sewer.  Go make some pretty Valentines!

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  1. This is totally cool! Awesome! I think I'll go make some of these. NOW!

  2. These are so fun! I love the puffed heart and the lace. Such a cute idea.


  3. Fantastic! You are so creative!

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