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Make a Wreath from Wine Corks

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Today’s Guest Post is By Leah who blogs at Behind the Stone Wall!

I am so excited to be guest hosting for Heidi! I have been following her for about a year now and have wished time and time again that I had known about her adorable puff quilts before Little Man came along. But in the meantime, I have been inspired by watching her craftiness unfold here on her HoneyBear Lane.

I am sorry to say, that this is nowhere near as amazing as some of her gorgeous work, but I promise that this is a craft you can do in an hour or two while watching your favorite tv shows. If that doesn’t hook you, I don’t know what will!

A small eternity ago, I woke up with a brainstorm involving cork.
Specifically, wine corks.
And I don’t drink.
But that wasn’t going to stop me from the brilliance that had come to me in my dreams….
So I begged all my Facebook friends to contribute their unused corks to my cause.
Lucky for me, got just enough to complete this project.

Tools needed:
One Cardboard ring. Any old cardboard will do.
One Glue gun.
About 25 glue sticks.
And about 300 corks.

Start by gluing the corks onto the cardboard.  Pattern doesn’t really matter at this point.  You are just trying to build a base.

Once you have the cardboard mostly covered, you can start layering.

I pretty much stacked, layered, and glued my finger tips off.  I wanted them to look haphazard.
Then I just glued a ribbon around it.

And hung it.

Easy peasy!

I LOVE it.

I love how every cork has a different design.

And for the record, since I have about 13 wreaths in every room of my house, I eventually removed the ribbon and I am now using this as a centerpiece around a candle on my dining room table.

I absolutely LOVE it.

Hopefully you will too!

Thanks again to Heidi for giving me this opportunity, and feel free to stop by Behind the Stone Wall and say hello sometime!

Thank so much, Leah!!  What a creative use of wine corks!  I’m heading off to Creative Estates tonight so stay tuned for some fun updates on this amazing conference!!

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  1. ~The Bargain Babe says:

    I like the cork wreath! I'm not a drinker either, but it is lucky? for you that your facebook friends are all such boozers. lol 🙂

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