How to Save Your Christmas Cards

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how to save your christmas cardsHi everyone! Sara coming to you today on behalf of Sara & Sarah! We got to meet Heidi in the spring when at Creative Estates, and now we are thrilled to be guest posting while she takes some time with her new baby!
Our blog concept is to have bi-weekly challenges against one another as to who can make the best project, whether it’s Christmas Decor, or making something with felt, or knitting for little girls. We post our projects and then our readers vote on their favorite. We hope you’ll come say hi!

Today I’m going to show you how to make a booklet of all those lovely Christmas Cards you receive every year. It’s a shame to put them away in a box, right? And with all the fancy folded and double-sided cards these days, you cannot really scrapbook them without losing part of the card. With this method, you can see ALL sides of your cards and have a cute book to flip through.

  • Holiday Cards (you could do this for kids’ birthdays too, and put a picture of your child on the cover!)
  • Hole Puncher
  • Book Rings – I used 2″ diameter rings from Office Max
  • Something to make a book cover – I used scrap cardboard embellished with baker’s twine and scrapbooking tags
Big Stack of Cards

To make the booklet, find a card that is about middle sized compared to all of the cards and make that your guide. The black & white card on top is my “guide” … and I’m using it to make equally distanced punches on the bottom card. Repeat this step for all cards that are as big or bigger then the guide.

If you have really small cards like this circular one, just punch it once up top. {Side note, isn’t that card underneath adorable? She has twins now!}

Once all the cards are punched, just “thread” them through the book rings! All you need to do now is create a cover. I like to put the year on all of our Christmas cards; if you wanted you could use your card for the book cover!

I choose cardboard for the front and back cover so it would be sturdier than card stock. I eyeballed how the booklet looked at this point and cut two pieces of cardboard that were about as big as the largest card. I didn’t mind if cards peeked out of the sides – as long as they were aligned against the “spine.”
I grabbed some festive bakers twine and wrapped it over the cardboard (tape down ends on inside of cover) for decoration. Then I used a scrapbook tag to mark the year and glued it down (with more bakers twine looped through for fun).
You’re all done! Now you just have fun going down memory lane …   
Remembering special weddings …
Super cute glittery cards …

All neatly bound up!  



We hope you like this project and that it give you a cute way to save & organize your holiday cards. Thank you Heidi for including us!
Thanks so much for sharing that awesome idea!  I love this–totally going to try it out this year!  What a great post– how to save your Christmas cards!

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  1. Lanika Mamac says:

    I love this I have so many cards from my daughter’s birthday, and holidays and hate to throw them out! Love this thank you!

  2. I saw this on Pinterest and tried it with all the cards we got for our wedding. I used leftover wedding ribbon to bind it and it looks great! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      Thanks for visiting!

  3. Great Idea for all the cards from your kids and Grandkids
    Thank you

  4. Hi!
    When I lost my dear husband so suddenly, I received about 75 Sympathy cards with endearing printed words and many with personal condolences. They were so very comforting and special to me but couldn’t find a 3-ring binder small enough, yet thick enough to contain these cards. I ended up doing something close to your idea, however, it doesn’t look as nice. My problem is the thickness. I did try to find a ring large enough but couldn’t. Maybe I should try again. Your idea gives me the inspiration to look again. Thanks.

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      Oh, I’m so sorry for your loss. xoxo

    2. i love the idea and i have use cardboard and i cut around for twine and twist and back and forth and i use mod podge over it and and use catalog cut out for that cover and also use mod Podge over it to dry and it looks nice and will use more cards ,thanks

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  6. I just saw this idea posted on a Pinterest board I’m following. Wish I’d seen it sooner! We lived in England for three years, and I stocked up on beautiful English Christmas cards (with, in many cases, equally beautiful envelopes) before we moved back to the U.S. I never thought to save one card from each collection before sharing the with friends and family each year. This would have been terrific for that! Oh, well.

  7. Susie Kemple says:

    Love this. I have been saving my kids birthday cards for years and now I know what I will do with them. Thanks for the idea.

  8. Shelly P. says:

    I am going to make this book for my husband. He is battling lung cancer (never smoked a day in his life) and our friends and family have been sending tons of thinking of you and get well cards. As I retread them, I feel blessed to have so many people caring about him and also me. Thank you for this idea. Shelly

  9. I love this idea! I always wanted something other then a box to put my cards in and this is perfect!

  10. Dianne C. says:

    I just love your idea for keeping cards! I can’t bear to throw away cards from my kids, and now my grandkids. I also save at least one card from the Christmas cards I send out every year.. Now I can save those along with beautiful cards I receive.

  11. Judy Keech says:

    What a clever idea! I’m often chided for not being able to let go of the cards in which my friends and family have taken the time to write a meaningful note. And more recently with the onslaught of all those family photo Christmas cards we receive every year, wow! What’s a gal supposed to do? Start a gallery?! This is a perfect solution.

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love it! thank you for sharing. I knew there had to be a simple but nice way to keep all these cards !

  13. Adorable idea to keep memories. I’d love to do have one of these ready for all the notes I receive from my kids through 2015. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  15. I like this. I’ve been looking for something to do with out holiday cards. I still like to get cards and letters so I can’t just throw them out.

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  17. Starting to spring clean and this is the perfect way to get the stacks of card organized. Can be done in an afternoon. Thanks for the fabulous idea.

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