Weigh-in Thursday and Diet-to-Go

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Hey guess what I learned this year?  Losing weight is HARD.  Especially when you get older and you have little kids.  Sigh…it’s a continual battle.  But I haven’t done a weigh-in post in awhile and I have pretty good news!

Starting Weight:  156

Current Weight:  137

Yay!  I’m almost there!  Well I guess I’m not that close to my dream weight but at this point I’m not so focused on the actual number on the scale as I am with getting my body in shape.  I have resumed my workout routine which is this:

  • M/W/F:  weight training, abs, run a mile
  • T/Th:  1 hour of power yoga
  • S:  30 minutes of cardio on treadmill
  • Rest on Sunday

It’s pretty hard for me to get up super early every morning and do this and to be honest I haven’t done a perfect week yet.  But since my eye is on the prize of a healthy lifestyle and not a certain goal weight, I don’t beat myself up if I miss a day here or there.

What kills me is the EATING!  Eating healthy and strictly is very hard, especially in the fall when all I want to do is bake yummy desserts.  I usually track my food through Weight Watchers but this week I got to review an amazing Weight-Loss Meal program called Diet-To-Go.

Diet-to-Go is diet delivery, meaning they make fresh meals for you and ship them to your door.  (Ps. Nutrisystem meals don’t have to be refrigerated but these are real food and do.)  And the price is actually affordable–not much more than buying food at the grocery store and as a bonus, you don’t have to make it!

I know what you’re thinking…it’s probably gross right?  Wrong.  Each and every meal was SO tasty.  And there are TONS to choose from so you really wouldn’t be eating the same thing all the time.  I could eat these meals for awhile.  {I just have to say however that I would miss cooking my own food because I really like doing that!}  But if I were super busy and wanted a ready made meal, I would for sure choose their diet delivery.  Because it’s delicious.

You can customize the meals to get as many as you want in low-carb, low-fat, or vegetarian.  I chose the low-carb version so there was a ton of veggies and chicken…okay by me!  The cost is about $17.00 per 1,000 calories so you can start out with more calories and then to lose weight FASTER you can do less calories AND save money (the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says that the average cost per meal is about $18.)  No contract too.  And of course, there are tons of people who have lost lots of weight by eating these meals on a regular basis.

You want to try Diet-to-Go?  Right now they are having a giveaway for a free week of meals…enter on their Facebook page!  And right now you can save 25% off any meal plan with the coupon code 25percentoff


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  1. OK, 137 is fantastic! I’m so proud of you! I got down to that after I had Addie. My goal is probably around 130 (because that’s what my license says and I never want to change it, haha). Good work so far! Keep it up!

    1. Heidi @ Honeybear Lane says:

      Thank you!! I’m very excited that I’m losing the weight. Good luck with your goal!

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