The Ultimate Chocolate Lover’s Mother’s Day Gift

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I have a little bit of a problem with chocolate–my problem being that I can’t stop eating it.  And since that’s contributed to the nice little winter weight that I put on, it’s time to start giving away my chocolate and sharing the Dove–er, I mean LOVE.  

Ultimate chocolate lovers gift

Dove is such amazing chocolate.  What makes it so special?  To me, it’s the silky smoothness of the chocolate.  No other chocolate feels just so…smooooooth.  But I also love the pretty wrapping tin foil and the little message on the inside.  So when I received a bunch of Dove dark chocolate to make a Mother’s Day gift out of, I realized I could do something to display those pretty colored tin wrappers.  Something akin to mosaic tile.  The ultimate chocolate lovers gift!

Isn’t this kinda cool?  It was super easy to make and makes such a statement for giving chocolate.  Chocolate might seem like a copout gift, but it’s really the thought behind it and, might I add, it’s more personal to give it in creative and beautiful wrapping.


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Paint your wood box brown.  Let it dry.

chocolate lovers mothers day gift_1

Figure out how many Dove chocolates or ’tiles’ will fit on the face of the box.  In my case it was four across and five down.  Then lay out your pattern.  I did kind of a random pattern but each row included one of each color.  

chocolate lovers mothers day gift_2

Use hot glue to stick each ’tile’ onto the box.  I actually started at the top but I think next time I would start at the bottom.  You can also draw a thick line of glue across the box and then quickly put all four on at once.  Much faster.  

chocolate lovers mothers day gift_3

Fill out the entire face and then do any other sides you want.  I only did the front and back.  

Fill your box with some confetti and more chocolates!  

chocolate lovers mothers day gift

This project is incredibly easy and I would venture 99% of moms would like it.  Dove chocolate is just so irresistible.  And all these flavors are actually dark chocolate.  Some people love dark chocolate, others don’t.  I tend to not like it.  But Dove dark chocolate is amazing!  It makes you feel like a better person for eating it.  So go ahead and give your mom some Dove dark chocolate for Mother’s Day!  

chocolate lovers mothers day gift_4


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