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Heart String Art

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I didn’t even mean to call it ‘heart string art’ but there it is.  That’s what it is.  Ha!

I was challenged by Valspar and Porch.com to use the Pantone color of the year Marsala in a Valentine’s Day project along with one other mystery item, which turned out to be a chevron stencil.  As it happens, I also was planning a project in which I would make a heart to go along with my rustic ‘love letters’ that I repurposed from my sisters wedding which I will blog about as soon as the photographer gives me the pictures.  (That was the longest sentence ever!)

heart string art

So!  I had the project in mind to create a heart from wood (MDF to be precise since that’s what I had) and I was going to cut it out with a jigsaw.  But then I thought this challenge would work nicely with my plans and I could modify it to fit the criteria.  And it was really easy.

Just got a square of leftover MDF (don’t mind the cuts that are there, just adds character, right?) and painted it with two coats of the Valspar Marsala color.  I don’t know why these pictures look so different, just a lighting issue.  Then I traced a heart around it and taped the border with painter’s tape.  Then I used gold paint and the stencil to stencil the design on top.

making string art

Then to add the nails, I actually drilled the holes first and it made pounding the nails in much easier.  Then I strung some Baker’s twine around them.  And as a bonus, I can complete this string art later if I want a different look.

Works perfectly with my rustic letters!  (I made these from some reclaimed wood.  Just sawed them to the right lengths and nail-gunned them together.  Easy peasy.)

love heart string art

Porch.com makes it easy to find home improvement specialists to help you with any renovations or even small painting projects.  And there are tons of photos on their as well for inspiration.  It’s great!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. Melanie Hansen says:

    Looks very cute and festive!

  2. Love string art, thank you.

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